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Women Empowering Women | Networking at its Best!

ALL EVENTS START AT 7 PM (Registration opens at 6 PM)

NOTE: All Tickets include 1 Drink and 1 Lite Buffet Dinner

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EMAIL: wewednesdays@hotmail.com
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SEPT 11 – TORONTO –PAISANOS: 116 Willowdale Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M2N4X9 – FREE PARKING

SEPT 18 – PICKERING – Special 4th Anniversary Night
LIVERPOOL JOHN’S: 1294 Kingston Rd, Pickering, ON L1V 1B7 – FREE PARKING


WEWednesdays! mission is to assist women to Build Business Brands, by creating the platform and opportunity for the Female Entrepreneur to Build Social Capital!


WEWednesdays! is an open forum for Women to Speak Out Loud.

WEWednesdays! offers a platform for all women to share Their Story!

WEWednesdays! will always promote a ‘Mystery Speaker’ and does not market by Head Liner. WE promotes Equality of Women Among Women.

All Women have a Story, one from which all other women can enjoy, grow and learn from .. don’t you agree?

WEWednesdays! is the first platform to celebrate all Women offering the format of “Open Mike Night” (or … as WE likes to say: ‘Open Michelle Night” ) enabling any and all women in our audiences to Step Up and Take the Floor when so inspired to do so …

WEWednesdays! will maintain a format of 1.5 hours of speaking at a maximum so the rest of the evening is open for celebration and networking !!!

WEWednesdays! welcomes all to attend our events, including the male version.

WEWednesdays! is elated to be here to assist YOU to Build Your Brand!

WEWednesdays! hosts our events by City, with each one hosting a minimum of once a month!

WEWednesdays! takes the “I” out of the workplace, creating the “WE” through promoting collaboration among all women!

Are you a Woman Leader author, businesswoman, coach, comedienne, creator, dancer, designer, doctor, entrepreneur, facilitator, feng shui guru, holistic specialist, intuitive, juggler, karate master, lover, loafer, mother, nutritionist, philanthropist, research analyst, BE the super star …???


EMAIL: wewednesdays@hotmail.com – APPLY TODAY!

No Refunds on NO SHOWS – POLICY

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26 thoughts on “WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women

  1. Hello I would love to share about the Wisdom of Ayurveda with your ladies. How my journey into the Eastern philosophies led me to open up my own Ayurveda Rituals spa. I have many stories of my relationships with Guru’s, and as a leader training the Spa Industry to integrate holistic healing ceremonies from India it has been interesting and at times hilarious!. My journey as a plus size or I would rather say a woman living large on a small planet! in the beauty industry has been challenging and at times I have experienced hurtful rejections and obstacles because of my size . Image in the Beauty Industry is so important and you have to have the right look in order to be classified as successful. Today I am successful in bringing ancient healing therapies to a modern age . I could tell me story or share with these women how to balance their body-mind spirit with the Wisdom of Ayurveda the sister science of Yoga? http://www.ayurvedaritualsspa.com

    • Hello Andrea … Loved reading your comments on WEWednesdays and will be visiting your website and wish to learn more about you and your Wisdom of Ayurveda …

      I am the founder of one of the fastest growing global multimedia network “communities” called VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE INC. & VOWW-TV at http://voicesofwomenworldwide-vowwtv.ning.com promoting “strong voices” for the “voiceless” giving them voices to tell their stories and finding solutions to their problems. Within a short period we are over 1,500+ strong voices spread in 90+ countries – interacting – interconnection and chatting and sharing projects and proposals – to be the change and make a difference in this world. Its free and by invitation only … So I invite you to join after you have reviewed the website. Catherine Anne Clark and I are working together closely in empowering women, young girls, boys and men who believe and support gender equality.

  2. I would be delighted to share – I have so many stories!
    I am a Financial Adviser and my passion (and my practice) is focused on helping and educating women about financial matters (I am dual licensed – securities and insurance, and I am a Certified Financial Planner). Women financial needs are deeper (we live longer and earn less, and spend many years caring for families at no recognition of the unbelievable value of our services) and do not get enough attention in the media. I am an engineer by profession and moved to the financial industry 14 years ago, because …I couldn’t find a good adviser … True story!
    I love the name Women Empowering Women (Viva la WEW) !
    Excited at the opportunity! Please Let me know!

    Monica Weissmann, CFP, CIM, MEE

    P.S. Cindy Stradling has been a collegue of mine in many networking groups and she personally knows me.

  3. Hello Catherine,

    I know how fantastic you and your group is doing. Huge Congratulations!!
    Hopefully we will meet very soon.

    My great colleague and friend Sheila Mansell recommended connecting with you/the group when she was here, a week ago. As per my earlier, Monday voice message, you know that my plan was to meet in Thornhill tonight. Due to the time/date/tonight conflict however – I must be in mid Toronto the same time.
    I will reconnect within next few days so we can discuss another event planned for September. Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Elizabeth Jassem Founder and Principal
    iDOME Integrated Development Ltd.
    Inclusive Communities Build for Better Life
    Innovative Education & Care System
    Follow Me on Twitter@BethJass
    LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=104289853&trk=tab_pro

  4. I would be delighted to share with the women of the wonderful group! I am a Holistic Psychotherapist, Life Coach, author, speaker, and for 20 years and I have had a front seat chair, witnessing the metamorphosis of countless people who have moved past depression, anxiety with my proven protocols and techniques.
    I hold a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and have studied a plethora of energy psychology modalities, including New Decision Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Craniosacral, Reiki and my beloved and phenomenal Polarity Therapy. My influences include Buddhism, osteopathy, visualization, meditation, as well as modern and traditional psychotherapy which are the basis for my brand of holistic psychotherapy, that works with the mind, body and soul to effect monumental change in my clients’ lives!
    My new book, Find Your “Self-Culture: Moving Past Depression and Anxiety to Monumental Self-Acceptance is an opportunity for the reader to begin the journey of self-transformation. I have over 80 videos on her YouTube Channel (Ask Victoria) that have garnered over 475,000 views and counting as the hunger to find one’s “Self-Culture” continues to be a key for people who are on a quest for self-love and happiness.

  5. Hello there WeWednesday’s!

    My name is Melissa and I am a network marketing professional, as well as a full-time educator. I would like more information about a membership for the Barrie location WeWednesday’s meetings. Could someone please contact me via e-mail?



    Melissa Dietrich

  6. I am the producer of the Rogers TV program daytime that is produced from our Barrie studio at 1 Sperling Drive. I wanted to get some information on the ABrrie group..a contact e-mail…ask if they would like to join us on the Rogers TV program daytime to talk about WEWednesdays.

    Many thanks for your assistance.

  7. Had a super time networking and learning at WEWednesdays Mississauga on April 5, 2016. Meet some wonderful lady entrepreneurs. It is always a great experience at WEWednesdays. Thank you, Catherine Anne Clark and MJ Perso. Great job!

  8. Please would you add me to your mailing list as I would love to attend your group meetings. Thank you. Shelley

  9. I am an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay. Your group sounds like a very interesting group. I would love to be a part of it. If you think I would fit in, could you please send me more information. I live in Scarborough and would love to join on August 30th. Thank and look forward to meeting lots of powerful women!

  10. Hello Cathrine, yes I still interesting to share my story on your platform. I have walk through lives journey with leaning how to triumph through this earth with faith, loosing my fear and having freedom because of who sent me here on earth. I am a minister, author, life coach, inspirational & transfermational speaker, an international chaplain. (DKA) I am also an Interpreneur, a sole prioritor of Houseof Diva’s with ministry work, businesses that accomadate & facilitate women of all ages. Yes still looking at May 16, 2018 platform

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