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WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this wonderful female entrepreneur that works authentically, diligently and generously.

CEO, Ameera Ameerullah is an award-winning Mortgage Broker, Business Entrepreneur and Human Rights Advocate. She has built several companies from the ground up including the multiple award-winning brokerage, Canada Mortgage and Financial Group (CMFG).

Ameera has worked tireless with a drive to succeed and ranked her up, setting unique benchmarks in a male-dominated industry. She is a Champion in her field and has developed a team with the same attributes that transcend in their work environment. Most importantly, she is a true leader who lifts people up and never settles for the status quo.

Under the leadership of Ameera, CMFG has created several unique programs such as the “Women Entrepreneurship Investment Program” to help other women in business take the next step forward. Ameera is investing her time and part of her profit earnings in helping women with financial restraints and setbacks in their new start up companies. The goal is to help women take on leadership roles and when they become successful, they too can pass it on and help another woman up.

CMFG also created the “Purchasers Deposit Program” giving consumers the option to obtain homeownership. The program covers a portion of the downpayment for buyers, while assisting builders to achieve pre-sales target as mandated by lenders prior to construction funding.

Ameera is committed on controlling the cost of borrowing in the private mortgage sector and launched a new fund, “CMFG Limited Partnership” in 2018. The fund is intended, upon raising sufficient capital, to provide investors with the opportunity to invest in a risk diversified portfolio, and give clients the option to borrow capital at a lower cost of borrowing who does not meet the traditional banking guidelines.

The team expertise in the alternative sector has given the firm an iconic mark in the Canadian mortgage industry.

Clients that retain CMFG are working with a trusted and resourceful team who has demonstrated success in delivering and completing transactions.

Stay tuned for Ameera’s new GIG coming this April 2019 – “Life Happens…One day at a time”

One thought on “Ameera Ameerullah – Mortgage Broker

  1. Thank you Catherine for this feature and for giving me this platform to speak with other Women at the various chapters you organize weekly. I encourage others to come out and take the opportunity of collaborating with other women entrepreneurs from different walks of life.

    I believe in empowering women to take on leadership roles and help them become successful.

    With more women leaders, our world will be a much more kinder place 🙌

    #Women #Leadership 👊

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