Andrae Ennis, Business Development Agent

Andrae Ennis was an amazing Featured Business on February 3, 2016 in Mississauga offering sincerely integral information about the auto insurance industry. Sharing the ‘devil in the details’ on auto insurance policies, Andrae awoke the audience inspiring many, many questions.

A truly educational experience – Thank You Andrae!

Business Development Agent

Allstate Company of Canada

2969 Argentia Road Unit 4 Mississauga, ON L5N 0A2

Tel: 905-607-2900 ext. 5011

Cell: 416-827-5660 E-mail:

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andrae smile pic 2I started my Insurance career in 2005 where I received my R.I.B.O. License, and have done various roles in the business i.e. Sales, marketing and Underwriting.

I am currently an independent Direct Writer who enjoys the sales part the best because I get to develop relationships and create protection that could save the client thousands in the event they were to incur a loss!

I have created a saying “Taking care of your family one policy at a time” meaning my main goal is to satisfy your needs by educating you on the benefits of what you could have and more importantly how it will work for you!

I provide home and auto insurance Products for families and individual persons

Example of the types of products I can insure:

* Auto

* Motorcycle/mopeds/snowmobiles/Boats

* Home coverage/Tenant insurance/insurance for rental units/Condo Insurance/ cottage/Trailers

* Basic Artisan (contractors, renovation tradesman, etc.)

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Benefits that will be discussed

1. The basics on how Insurance works

2. Accident Benefits and how they work for you

3. What to do before/After an accident – Being Proactive

4. Insurance Myths – i.e. the color of your car, weather it has turbo or 2 doors etc.

5. The Quoting Process- why the this is a very important part of the process

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