Claudine Pereira, The Pink Coach

My name is Claudine Pereira, or you may know me as ‘The Pink Coach’. After making the move to Canada from England, I spent 20 years in the Corporate world as a Leader, Coach and mentor leading and coaching large teams nationally. I have always had a passion for people and genuinely care about their progression and well being. After a glorious career, I decided to branch out on my own and become an entrepreneur.

Being able to coach and teach is a dream come true! People say I am passionate and love what I do. I have boundless fire, energy and compassion! I am an early riser and participate in an intense CrossFit workout daily at 6am. I am a Ballroom Dancer and compete in American Rhythm, that is my passion! My diet of choice has been Paleo for the past 5 years which completely turned my life and health around. I am an achiever, and this is what I exude!

Services Provided

Business Coaching
Coaching starts by declaring a powerful future. Let me help you realize your business goals and achieve success.

Public Speaking
Coaching is the process of working with a collaborative partner in an empathetic and supported environment.

Career Analysis
Claudine is a trusted and respected fellow business professional that will challenge, motivate, mentor, and inspire.



My number has been changed. You can reach me at 416.702.2236 or use the Contact Form to drop me a quick message.

Amber Fancey, dōTERRA Essential Oils

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this female entrepreneur that was guided into her business by a miraculous health event that took place with her daughter.

My name is Amber Fancey and I am a 36yr old Mom of 2 girls ages 6 & 8 who are my entire world along with my husband, AKA my best friend whom I have been with since the age of 16. Our youngest daughter, Lainah was born in July 2012 and shortly after at just 7weeks old became very sick with RSV and Pneumonia. We spent time in McMaster Children’s hospital and thankfully she made a quick recovery because of the incredible nurses and doctors she had to help her. But just 5 months later was a recurrence, and luckily this time she was a little stronger and able to fight through it at our local hospital.

For the following 2 years, Lainah continued to struggle with one respiratory infection after another, hospitalizations, antibiotics and puffers etc. It took the biggest toll of course on her innocent little body, but also on our entire family as a whole. The stress, worry, anxiety etc, and her poor big sister who was also constantly worried about her baby sister and in turn causing her so much that a little one should have to worry about.

In March 2015, I was asked from a friend to attend a dōTERRA Essential Oils Educational Class. I knew nothing about the company or the products. I thought they sounded interesting so I agreed to go.

Little did I know at that time how life changing that decision would be!

I left the class that evening, mind boggled all the the incredible information I was given and having enrolled with dōTERRA as a Wholesale Customer and began my journey with their popular Home Essentials Kit.

My husband supports me in every way he can, but he sure thought I was a little crazy at this time and started calling my new collection “Witchcraft!” (Insert eye roll here!!)

I sure didn’t have much to argue at that point with it being all new to me also!

From that point on I began educating myself with the many uses and benefits of the purest oils in the world, learning about the incredible company itself and their values and expertise with sourcing their oils in the most indigenous regions around the world and in turn leaving those communities much better off than before they started working with them.

As I started incorporating them into our family’s daily lives within our home, my husband was beginning to lose his scepticism and become a believer. Our lives were changing incredibly for the better. Our overall health, immune systems, how we slept and felt on a regular basis was beyond the benefits we thought possible!

We started making all our own cleaners, hand sanitizers, soaps, laundry soaps, after bite sprays, bug sprays etc and began living toxic free!! We even learned how to keep a fever at bay with a blend of just 2 of dōTERRA’s incredible oils!! For the next year we educated ourselves more and more and began sharing information and sampling family and friends so that they could also reek these incredible natural benefits.

The following spring, I quit my out of the home job and opened a home daycare. Three months later our 4 year old started J/K. We were terrified with her previous health issues that she still through the cold/flu season struggled with. All those new germs she was now going to be subjected too and without us there to try and protect her. 🙁

But… with living our new lifestyle and being naturally proactive with our health consistently, that was the FIRST year that Lainah wasn’t hospitalized, didn’t need antibiotics and no longer needed her puffers during the winter months. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!

Our oils collection serve as our natural medicine, proactive cold/flu prevention, cleaners, DIY’s etc…and we don’t know how we ever lived without them.

And now… it is our purpose in life to share, Educate and Mentor others who want to benefit from these incredible gifts we were lucky enough to have been introduced too, and have the opportunity to live an overall less toxic lifestyle, in turn benefiting the health and Wellness of their families.

Amber and James Fancey
Guelph Ontario
(519 546-4313

Salma Ladha, Pruvit Ketone & Ketosis Consultant

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this truly wonderful entrepreneur, Salma Ladha, as our Mystery Speaker for our Mississauga Chapter this month.

Salma says: “At 53 years old, I have started a new chapter of my life, following a car accident that resulted in a very tough time for me. I was constantly very fatigued, impatient, unhappy, did not get good quality sleep, woke up achy exhausted no matter how long I rested for. I stopped being social and enjoying life. I was unable to be find and feel happiness and purpose.

When I was near the end of hope late last year tired of the way felt, I was introduced to Pruvit’s products and community. Since starting PRUVIT O//S exogenous ketone supplements. I now feel more energetic, capable and fit than I have felt in the last 30 some years. Pruvit to me isn’t just a product that got me into shape. Pruvit is a product that shaped the Better half of my life.

I am truly Happy and found Purpose.

I didn’t join this company because I needed to expand my business opportunities or my income. I joined this company because Pruvit is Authentic, Life-Changing, Community, Inspiring.

Sharing how to become a Better Version of Yourself, Leads with Education, PRUVIT changed my life and I am determined to share my #BETTER story and help others. I found BETTER and have made it my mission to reach as many people as possible and to share and inspire them to find a Better Version of themselves, just like I have!

Today I am a Better wife, mother, friend and overall better person to be around. I am Happy, Cheerful, Energetic, Passionate about inspiring and sharing education, Changing Lives, Improve Health/Wellness, give hope.

I am Authentic, I overcome to become!!”

Pruvit is a new conversation. It is the first exogenous ketone supplement available for purchase. It is inspired by government funded research conducted through the Department of Defence and the office of the Navy.

Pruvit unveils the hidden truths related to a healthy human body. Pruvit disrupts the status quo with evidence-based products that can be pruven!

KETO/OS acts like a fourth macronutrient that delivers superhuman performance fuel to optimize better health, fitness and wellness.

Benefits of this product include:

* Fat loss versus weight loss
* Fast and sustained energy
* Mental focus and clarity
* Strength and endurance
* Decreased inflammation
* Better recovery
* Muscle preservation
* Appetite control
* Better bio markers

Pruvit’s products are appropriate for a universal audience, it is safe for womb to tomb, ranging from infants to athletes, the elderly and the every day average person. All results are individual and will vary on the commitment.

Company Overview

We set out to help people discover how to upgrade your body and mind using the proven science of bio hacking & ketones. To help people enter a state of high performance every single day. It’s easier than it sounds. we can Prüvit. Our groundbreaking technology will allow someone to think faster, have better focus and energy, laugh at food cravings, shed fat & look good doing it.

We are creating a community of people who care as much about personal performance as you do. By giving expert guidance so that people can walk the path of peak performance and innovation through mind, body & spirit, we can help one become nearly superhuman as they begin to perform at their own optimum level.

I hope you give me the opportunity to inspire and coach you to find a Better version of yourself.

Before all this, I had a few of my own business ventures. My certifications include:

Aesthetics (Edith Seri, 1985)
Laser Hair Removal (Syneron, 2002)
Advance FotoFacial RF & Advanced Vela Smooth (Dr. Stephan Mullholand MD., SpaMedia, 2002)
AFA Clay Peel
Advanced Dorn Method Therapy (Holistic Spinal Alignment & Energy Work, 2009)
Pruvit Reboot Coach (Pruvit, 2018)

What is Ketones & Ketosis ~ Here is a short 4 min clip

That’s me! If you have any questions or would like to learn a bit more about myself or the Pruvit products, please feel free to contact me.


Our mission is to show you that anyone can Bio-hack their own body, and we can Prüvit. However, to do this effectively requires knowledge, technology, self experimentation and most importantly, the willingness to question everything you’ve ever believed to be true about nutrition. Let’s restate that again: you will need to question ALMOST EVERYTHING you’ve come to accept and believe to be true about dietary guidelines and what the body needs for optimal health and peak performance, and you will embrace this new dietary paradigm of Bio-Hacking, whose supporting scientific evidence is mounting.


Our company has on going Promo’s that are run for just the day or a few days. I can do one from myself that can offer $5 off for the 10 Day Experience Packs for anyone that is from this group page. 10 Day Experience Pack is $90.Get $5 off for this holiday season.

Salma Ladha: 647 995 8897

Shelley Jarrett, SMJ Magazine

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this truly inspirational female entrepreneur as our Featured Business this month at our Mississauga Chapter.

Shelley Jarrett is a multiple award winning Media Personality Speaker, Author and Documentary Producer.

Shelley is the founder and Publisher of SMJ Magazine, an online image lifestyle and business publication, issued four times a year with limited printed additions.

Shelley believes in community and giving back. She has grown her business primarily through partnerships and collaborations. Her expertise is in building relationships, networking, content marketing and social media.

Shelley has built an incredible following on social media and has helped numerous people understand how to use their gifts and talents to find purpose in their lives.

Shelley is the co-author of the bestselling book, “Transforming Lives: One Story At A Time” where she shares her story about witnessing her mother’s near death experience and overcoming fear and stretching her faith to be bold in trying new things.

Shelley is an expert in the areas of:
Print media
Women in Media
Image and Style consulting
Content creation
Women empowerment


2017: Co-authored a book: “Transforming Lives One Story At A Time”
2017: Recipient for Women of Essence Global Award in media (South
2016: Selected as a Role Model for the 2016 Black Women Awards
2016: SMJ magazine and Shelley was nominated for two MARTY
2015: Selected to be part of a women panelist “Making it in the Media”
2015: Honored as one of the 100 Black Women to Watch Canadian
International Black Women
2014: Profiled by the Canadian Small Business Women Association
2013: Received a Canada Glass Award for entrepreneur of the year

Connect with Shelley:

• Email:
• Twitter/@smjmagazine
• Instagram/:@shelleyjarrett1
• Facebook: SMJ Magazine
• Magazine website:

Fazeena Haniff, The Conscious Communicator

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this transformed female entrepreneur as our Mystery Speaker at our Mississauga Chapter this month.

Fazeena Haniff is the mind behind The Conscious Communicator. She’s a Certified Professional Coach, communications expert, consultant and speaker based in the Toronto area.

In 2015, Fazeena left her award-winning career as a communications specialist in the government behind to turn the traditional way we look at communication upside-down. Fazeena’s approach gets to the root cause of communication challenges, so people can intentionally choose what they say, how they say it, and most importantly, understand the WHY. Beyond words, the foundation for excellent communication is built from the inside-out. In fact, there are five unconscious influences that are part of that foundation showing up in the way you communicate right now! Fazeena helps her clients become aware of how those influences show up for them specifically, so they can make empowered choices to become the powerful communicators they were born to be.

A thriver of childhood trauma, Fazeena specializes in helping trauma survivors recognize the impact trauma has had on a person’s ability to use their voice. Through coaching, a wicked sense of intuition and whole lot of compassion, her clients reclaim their voice by becoming empowered by their story, rather than continuing to be held captive by it.

Fazeena studied coaching through an intensive training program led by Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) – one of the top ICF-recognized coach training schools in the world. She is a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist.

Fazeena also facilitates workshops for teams and businesses wanting to shake things up and learn a fresh, empowering approach to communication. She speaks at networking events, summits and conferences, is quoted in news articles, and was recently interviewed on a nationally-airing TV talk show.

Book Fazeena for a workshop, speaking engagement or a 30-minute complimentary session, by calling 416.529.1866.

Reach out to Fazeena at:

The Conscious Communicator
27-2355 Derry Rd. E.
Mississauga ON L5S 1V6

Erin Sonegra, LOVEWINX

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this exciting entrepreneur at our Pickering Chapter this month as our Featured Business.

My name is Erin Sonegra and I have to ask: “Have you heard about LOVEWINX???”

We are spa/romance company that empowers women (and men!) so they can feel beautiful inside and out with our amazing bath/ body and massage products that are made of natural botanicals and essential oil blends.

Our arousal products are #1 in North America and our buzzing bedroom accessories are very high end! (most are rechargeable!). We also have beautiful lingerie as well and have added our LOVEWINXlife line of pure essential oil blends and diffusers!!!

We’re a one stop shop for sensuality!!

You can also join our family!

Within 2 parties I was making 45% commission and receiving FREE products for job well done!!! We pride ourselves on always putting our Consultants first and making sure they are rewarded beyond their wildest dreams.

You and your girlfriends deserve a night filled with laughter, fun and lasting memories together.

Romantic gifts and more guaranteed to spark up sexy nights for you and your partner.

You can do it too!!!

JOIN the fastest growing romance company in North America!!! LOVEWINX!!!

My website is


“We value you and know that you will experience true success with your new business. At LOVEWINX, we are committed to offering you the absolute best in revolutionary products, endless support, countless educational opportunities, and sensational rewards.”

Veronica Hislop, Empowered-Solutions

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this truly inspiring entrepreneur, Veronica Hislop as our Mystery Speaker for our Brampton Chapter this month.

With well over 20 years experience working as a therapist, and trauma counsellor, certified life relationship coach, Veronica now works with female entrepreneurs and women in business, helping them to manage their stress, prioritize their needs and set healthy boundaries in their inter – personal relationships.

Veronica is excited to announce the launch of her new online course Impostor Syndrome Your Kickass Guide to Recovery. This course is for those women in business, entrepreneurship and leadership who question their abilities and are plagued with self-doubt about who they are and how they show up in their lives and in their business. Coming Soon!

This adds to her existing portfolio of presentations, workshops, group and 1-1 programs that help women to get out of their own way so that they can show up clear, grounded and focus on creating the massive success that they desire.

Veronica is a well sought after speaker both locally and internationally. She recently participated with a number of women across the world in the International Women’s Summit. She has also been featured on the Life Coach Radio Show Canada, LA Talk Radio, and Ithought Radio USA, to name a few.

She is a listed E-zine Expert Author, her articles have been featured in the Arab Women’s League, Mind Body Network, Self-Growth Network, Toronto Manager Magazine, The Canadian Association of Professional Administrators.

To find out more about Veronica and the empowering work that she does with women, you can invite her to speak at your association’s event, conference, podcast, radio, or TV show.

Are the everyday challenges of life draining your energy and interfering with your productivity and hampering your success as an entrepreneur?

You don’t have to be stifled in relationships, situations or circumstances that drain you. Instead, work with Veronica and her “Ninja Stress Busting” techniques that will help you take back control of your life.

Through Veronica’s stressed based elimination programs you can zero in on what it is that is negatively impacting on your life’s goals.

Get Clear. Get Healthy. Get Grounded.

Are You Ready to take back control of your life?

Feel free to connect with Veronica here – BOOK APPOINTMENT TODAY:

t. 416-529-1606

Social Media Access

LINKEDIN – Veronica Hislop
FACEBOOK – Veronica Hislop
TWITTER @vhislop1
YOUTUBE – Veronica Hislop

Eleni, The Mid Lifestyle Goddess

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this wonderfully creative entrepreneur as our Mystery Speaker at our Pickering Chapter this month.

I am Eleni, The Mid Lifestyle Goddess who is blessed to say that my most fabulous life started at 50. While most women give up on their playfulness at this stage in their life, I play full throttle.

I am blessed beyond measure to have the ability to play many roles in my entrepreneurial career. I am just as comfortable negotiating multi million dollar deals in boardrooms as I am whipping up gourmet meals, styling women or leading courses on self development.

It wasn’t until my fifties that I embodied the knowing that life is truly meant to be magical and that I am the magic. I trusted implicitly in the Universe, this invisible majestic realm that cradles me with the embrace of a mothers’ love wanting only joy and happiness for her child.

The more I believed the more I received. I was blessed with the privilege of travelling around the world for several years, and during this time I kept asking myself the same question, “How did I want to contribute to humanity?”

The answer became clear. Nothing excites me more than reigniting a woman to her divine feminine essence through her own personal signature style. This is a woman’s power.

I truly believe that woman’s wardrobe is her Bentley and how you wrap your package tells the world how you see yourself. Most women come wrapped in a brown boring paper bag or an elegant statement that inspires intrigue? Every woman was born unique yet why do we try to look like carbon copies of each other? Why do you think French women look so damn cool at at age?

As an Artistic Stylist, I intuitively see women in their most fabulous version of themself, then create “wow” statements that I call champagne taste on a beer budget.

Never under estimate the power of style; it is your unique selling proposition and its the first thing anyone notices about you, even before you speak.

It has the power to allow you to Be the Flame Not the Moth.

This is priceless for any entrepreneur.

In the wise words of Coco Chanel,

“Dress shabbily and they remember the clothes, dress impeccably and they remember the woman!”


Read more about me on
My Instagram the_mid_lifestyle_goddess

Facebook Eleni

Juvs Pabilonia – Weight Loss Challenge

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this female entrepreneur as our Featured Business this month at our Toronto Chapter. This month she has a very Special Offer!

Do You Seriously Want to LOSE WEIGHT and Win $1000 USD

JOIN this 90 DAY Challenge!

For every 5 pounds You lose, You gain one ENTRY in this Contest for at least $1000 USD.

You Register with our $299 JOIN PACK & receive enough product for 90 Days….with weight loss and a MONEY BACK Guarantee.

Juvs shares: In 2005 , I had a pinch nerve on my neck that gave a clot in my head and caused vertebral dissection (TIA) this terrible thing left me with bad migraine headaches I carried on for over 10 years and caused me to gain weight.

“I gained over 50 lbs and grew from a size 0 to a size 12 dress.”

I did go to her place for samples not knowing anything about network marketing. I did sign up to get the discounts. The entire purpose of me joining is to lose weight and get discounts on the products only at that time. After nearly 14 days of drinking the coffee, I started seeing amazing results and people started asking me what I was doing, as weight loss was already being noticed.

And a miraculous Bonus, My mother has been insulin free for over 2 years now because of the products, specifically our teas. Thanks to this business, I have been able to change a lot of lives positively, inspire others to reach their full potential, make friends and secure my future.

Today, working to grow my business has become very manageable; and I have more time now to do the things I love and spend time with my kids. I have maintained my 50 lb. Weight Loss ever since!

Burn + Control (Gourmet Coffee)

We wake up to it, do business over it and relax with it over a good meal to the tune of more than two billion cups worldwide each day. Tall or short, hot or cold, with cream & sugar or simply black, there’s no denying the power of a great-tasting cup of coffee. It gives you energy, helps you think and and can now help you fight the weight loss battle.

Created by coffee lovers for coffee lovers, Javita understands what you want (and expect) from your coffee, which is why ours offers you MORE energy and stamina, plus we’ve infused some herbs (yerba mate and garcinia cambogia), so it doesn’t just taste great, it’s great for your waistline too!*

With a history of use that dates back to the 16th century, these herbs are now held in high regard for their ability to help lose weight by jump starting your body’s natural fat-burning abilities (yerba mate) and exercise better portion and appetite control over your cravings (garcinia cambogia).*

Our Coffee

We start with estate-grown South American Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, picked at the peak of ripeness, expertly blended and slow roasted to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas. With the roasting complete, the beans are fi nely ground and processed to the top mixing and solubility standards for a premium instant coffee.

Our coffee is then blended with a proprietary mix of “burn + control” herbs and packaged in individual serving stick packs! It has taken us a long time to perfect this process, and the smooth, rich fl avors, delicate notes and freshness will prove it! All you have to do is add water to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee – instant empowerment!

Dr. Catherine Newry – Naturopathic Doctor

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this wonderful female entrepreneur as our Mystery Speaker this month at our Toronto Chapter.

Dr. Catherine Newry is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto practicing at Yonge-Norton Chiropractic Centre just a couple of blocks north of here. Her passion is to help her patients transform their health through improved nutrition, balanced hormones and stress management.

Whether her patients are experiencing symptoms such as low energy, anxiety, digestive issues, or PMS, Dr. Newry works to assess the cause of the symptoms and create a plan of action that works for you. Her goal as a practitioner are to listen first and then to educate.

By placing an emphasis on health education, she aims to help her patients to understand how their bodies work and determine the steps they will need to take to achieve their optimal health.

Restore Energy, Feel Balanced, and Rediscover Yourself
A Practical, Holistic, and Personalized Approach to Women’s Natural Health

Get Your FREE Kitchen Clean Out Guide – HERE


Naturopathic medicine blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. Instead of merely treating a symptom, I use this comprehensive health care system to give a whole body and lifestyle approach using a range of health services to guide you on a path to your best total health and wellness.


I work with patients to manage a whole range of issues including: pain relief, digestive issues, weight management, fatigue and PMS – to name a few. I will be able to give you a comprehensive view of your health, provide you with knowledge to understand how your body works, and provide you with the tools to improve your overall health.


Feeling run down? Is pain getting in the way of your enjoyment of life? Do you have recurring digestive issues? I provide healthcare options so you don’t have to. Often times, we don’t fully understand how our bodies work and why we feel the way we do. Using naturopathic medicine and treatments, it’s my mission to guide you to become fully aware of your body, regain your personal power in your well-being, and help you to embrace a more natural, fuller lifestyle.


Dr. Catherine Newry, ND
Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Catherine Newry – Facebook

Address: 5255 Yonge St Ste 106, North York, ON M2N 5P8, Ontario
Phone: (416) 225-8479