Empowering Women to Succeed, Randi Goodman

randicruisewewRandi Goodman, author and publisher of an amazing book titled: Empowering Women to Succeed was LIVE last night at the 1st Annual SUMMER CRUISE hosted by WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women. Excited to share her Success, Randi carried with her copies of her new book, for all the purchase.

If you missed Randi last night, please feel welcome to purchase your copy HERE. Anyone wishing to have your copy personally signed by Randi or any of the authors, please COMMENT BELOW after you have ordered your personal copy and arrangements can be made, especially for YOU!

randi 2 bookImmerse yourself in the most emotionally raw, powerfully compelling stories of those on the journey of women’s empowerment. These tenacious individuals have faced life-altering challenges and changes, and it’s all captured lyrically and beautifully in the pages within Empowering Women to Succeed.

This book is a compilation of stories from 15 real women, and one real man, who have experienced life’s triumphs and hardships, and had the resolute perseverance to achieve profound personal and professional success—each with a distinct definition of what it means to succeed.

The authors navigate all-important themes that many women face: love and loss, health and family matters, spirituality and divine guidance, financial freedom, personal and professional success, and discovering balance in between.

The pages in this book are so detailed and heartfelt, you will feel as though you have embarked on the authors’ journeys yourselves. These women’s—and one man’s—stories will motivate you, inspire you and uplift you on your path of empowerment, in elevating all women, and men, to succeed.

bestsellerinternationalThis Book will change the way people use their past to enhance their future. Empowering Women to Succeed will provide the reader with real stories of women who were able to overcome hurdles and make decisions to use those challenges to overcome.

Everyone should have a copy of this book.

Stay tuned for the launch of this literature that will change lives.

Empowering Women to Succeed: Tough Times Don’t Last But Tough Women Do


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