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MAY 13 – Featured Business

TORONTO WEWednesdays! night was Amazing with the following female entrepreneurs sharing their WHY they chose ‘entrepreneurship’ and fun stories of experience. Connect with these women as you can trust they are going to give you the best service possible, as they are elated WEWomen.

MAY 13 – Jasmine Jauer, JAZZY CUTS

jasmine jauer profileStylist and owner of Jazzy Cutz Hair Service, Jasmine Jauer, loves creating and making her clients feel comfortable and beautiful. Jasmine was born and raised in Barrie ON Canada, where in grade 10 she took a cosmetology class and was able to find her passion. It was instinctual for her to hold a pair of shears in her hand.

After completing hair school at Georgian College, she then moved to Toronto Canada where she worked at taz hair salon, later moving to Weston Harbour Castle working solo. This gave Jasmine the confidence to start and run her own business.

Jasmine started Jazzy Cutz in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. Her main focus is to help her clients feel there very best. Jasmine loves taking courses to stay up to date with the latest hair trends. She is always up for a challenge. In home services is offered with an extra charge for farther distance.

jasmine jauer speaking may 13Jasmine has expand her business into many other forms such as offering spray tanning and teaching clients the benefits of using safe health and wellness products from Arbonne on them and there families.

Find out more about safe and healthy products HERE.

Jasmine: jasmine@jazzycutz.com
cell: 647-880-2202

Party requests available. Learn how to style hair, hair cut parties, spray tan parties, facial parties or learn the benefits of using safe products.

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Barb presidential headshotMAY 13 – BARB HOUSER, CLICK HERE
t. 5192774504

My name is Barb Houser. I’m a wife, mother of 3, entrepreneur, and believer that we will impact the world! I am so grateful to be able to work from home, and help change people’s lives, health, and financial future!

I’m just curious…..do you love your job?? I have discovered a job I love, that has become a passion!! I was a teacher who wanted to be there for my kids during their childhood, I didn’t want to miss those moments because I was at work. I started running my own home daycare to make an income, but quickly felt like I was losing myself…..I began looking for a way to generate an extra stream of income, and tried several home party companies……what I found was that my expenses were matching my income, and we ended up still having month left at the end of the money.

When my Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I realized how short life truly is, and that if we don’t have our health, everything else is futile! I was introduced to It Works Greens, and multi-level marketing! I hosted a party and saw others wrap results happen in front of my eyes, and I started researching the products and discovering how incredible they really are! They have made a world of difference for my mom, and her battle against cancer, as well as ourselves, and so many other team members and customers!

The products, and the business opportunity both sound too good to be true, but we have experienced how real it all is!! Now we are on a mission to share these incredible products and opportunity with everyone we can!!

This has changed our life, and now we are excited to help others do the same!

barb houser and hubbyThis business has allowed us to become healthier people, pay off debt, give back, etc! We were able to retire my husband Matt a year ago (before the age of 30!), and now we are a full time family with our 2 boys, and 1 year old daughter! Matt and I have earned $110,000 in GOOD (Get Out Of Debt).

BONUSES alone in the 2 years we have been with It Works, and our team has earned almost $1 MILLION!! Right now our company is offering any new Distributors a $1,000 bonus at our Ruby level (in their first 2 calendar months), and we can’t wait to help a ton of people earn it!! Would you like to check out some more info?? Please contact us! (519) 277-4504.

Business outline:
It Works! Global is a health and wellness company that is all about changing lives, health, and finances!! We are a debt free company, carrying high quality, non-GMO nutritional supplements and skin care, that benefit your body from the inside out! Our company is 51% profit sharing, and the income potential is staggering! We get to help people look better, feel better, and live longer, while providing a financial vehicle for families to pursue their dreams!

Barb Houser, Presidential Leader
It Works! Global
(519) 277-4504

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MAY 13 – Shanley Dow: Custom Treats, Sacchariferous

shanley cardShanley Dow was a Featured Business on MAY 13 excited all attendees with some of the best cupcakes anyone had ever enjoyed in the past.

WEWEdnesdays! strongly suggests that for any of your celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays, weddings et al ….that you contact Shanley first!

My Story: As a child I was always eagerly awaiting the next occasion or celebration, excited to invent a delicious dessert for my family. Now I find myself more knowledgeable and more curious than ever. I can always be found in my kitchen, whipping up something sweet! I’m not sure whether it’s a passion or an obsession; either way baking is what I love to do. I love the idea of bringing a smile to someones face with something I’ve baked, I love the ripple of happiness a sweet treat causes! I am constantly discovering making recipes and new creations, always growing and expanding my knowledge. While a recipe is somewhat important to baking, patience, mindfulness and passion are what makes the true difference!

shanley pops

My business: I’m just a girl with a passion and a knack you could say, for baking. I love all things sweet and tasty, and I love baking them even more! Everything I bake is fresh from scratch using only the finest ingredients. I offer all kinds of cakes, cake pops, cookies, pastries and other types of sweets! I pride myself in moist, flavourful cakes, and rich, sumptuous buttercreams, delicious handmade fondants, and heavenly, delicate cake pops. I always assure the utmost diligence and care in everything I bake. You can taste the difference it makes!

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Contact Shanley Dow, Sacchariferous

Phone 416-970-2880 | Email sacchariferoustreats@gmail.com

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