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Richelle Wheeler says about being a Female Entrepreneur:

richelle wheeler“Since I was a child, I had always felt I wanted to be an entrepreneur but I never found that one thing I was passionate about enough to give it my all. So I did what every good Canadian girl does and got a job in the corporate world. For years I bounced from one mindless job to another making just barely enough to pay the bills.

Then one day I found myself pregnant!

It was never in our “plans” but was a welcomed surprise. Within the first trimester of my pregnancy my company let me go.

I was devastated. Here I was pregnant and jobless.

To add to the devastation, my husband was let go in the same week. Who would hire a pregnant lady? I sold my car to help cut costs and the day after I did this my husband crashed his car and we lost both in a week. Fortunately my luck took a turn and through a friend, I found a job but was making just over minimum wage.

I made a vow to myself and this unborn baby, that I was going to find a business and an industry I could be excited about. Something that gave me the time freedom to be the mom I wanted and the financial rewards so that I didn’t have to worry about whether I’d be downsized or let go.

Well on maternity leave I was approached by a successful family member who I respected and told me about the Usana opportunity. I got really excited about the turn key business opportunity and the products. It was in the Health industry which I love and in the beauty industry which I specialized in as a trained and certified Aesthetician. It also appealed to me because it was a very ethical company and gave back through their foundation. As a child sponsor and advocate for third world countries I knew I could stand behind this company and be proud to be a part of it.

I knew this was the opportunity I needed to never be at the mercy of a company again. I was able to make my own destiny and take care of my family. No one could take that away from me. It was up to me. Usana gave me the ability to be independent and give my new family what they needed – stability and a mother they can look up to.

I have never looked back!

The dream of owning your own business isn’t far fetched.

In fact, it’s more easily attainable than you may think. While the cost and work required to start a business from scratch are staggering, there’s an alternative.

A better option.

USANA USANA is a way to make your business dreams come true, and it can also help you create a better life. We don’t follow a typical business model, though. We’re a direct selling company, which is a unique way of selling products person-to-person, rather than from an expensive, brick-and-mortar retail location.


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