Julia Katsivo, Dream Life Speaker/Success Coach

JK_email_sig_finalJulia Katsivo is the founder of Julia Katsivo, a social enterprise whose mission is to produce and distribute communication products that create productive people and functional societies for a greater tomorrow. She does this through one on one coaching, motivational speeches, workshops, several day events, retreats, and conferences tailored for professionals in career transition and the disengaged employee. Julia helps people safely transition from their corporate job and into their dream life.

Julia Katsivo’s educational background is in the Arts from Western University (formerly University of Western Ontario), York University and University of Toronto. She has 17 years working experience in communications, conflict-resolution, market research, B2B and B2C sales and collections for some of North America’s largest private organizations and the Canadian federal government. In all capacities including an extensive volunteer history with social programs, Julia Katsivo has motivated internal and external clients to adopt self management tools for greater life engagement and productivity. www.juliakatsivo.com

After working for 17 years for some of North America’s Fortune 500 companies and the Canadian Federal government, I decided to face head on the gnawing feeling in the core of my soul that let me know my life wasn’t right. I wasn’t utilizing my God given gifts as they were intended, and even though I motivated people internally and externally to become all they could be, I wasn’t fully walking my talk. All the different employment positions and opportunities helped me gain important skill sets and learn and practice work ethics required to succeed in the business world, but I was not a full expression of myself. I was also not comfortable with the restrictive cubicle 9 – 5 existence no matter the pay grade.
Having tried entrepreneurial ventures in different capacities throughout my childhood and early adulthood and having failed, I was very much afraid of leaving my stable and guaranteed job to live out my purpose and passions which include fiction writing. So I did things differently. I started a process through faith and self-development that enabled me to safely transition from the corporate and into the entrepreneurial world. I made sure to start with me (my identity, self-worth, fears, habits, strengths, weaknesses) as I incorporated necessary outside elements (financial, vision, plan, core circle of family and friends, supportive and learning events). This strategic planning and implementation is what helps me successfully ignite others to believe in themselves so that they can fulfill their dreams from childhood.

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