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lanaweweLana Marie Clendenning showcased a stellar presentation as Featured Business in Mississauga on Sept 09; with such a rave review also being as Mystery Speaker in Toronto on Sept 16. Lana is one of Canada’s first representatives of the Llynda More Boot company.

Llynda More Boots are one-of-a-kind boots that come in two separate parts…an ankle boot and a matching BootTop™. Two parts look and feel like one boot because they overlap and are held together by opposing magnets.

Because the BootTop™ is flexible and reversible and stays in place with a patented magnetic attachment system, there is no need for obstructive fasteners such as zippers, straps, stirrups, snaps, buttons, velcro, clasps or loops. This frees the BootTop™ to be manipulated, shaped and transformed into 30 different styles!

It can be worn inside out or upside down, cuffed at the top or bottom, made half size, made any height, scrunched, worn straight, ruffled. . .all to create a variety of beautiful, popular, classic and trendy styles!

Create a classic or professional look one day, and a sexy, funky or fun look the next day…all from the same pair of boots.

Easily manipulate the shape of a boot to flatter your unique figure.

Quickly and simply transform a boot to suit your ever-changing moods and many outfits.

easyfun-hirezWear a boot to school or work one way, change it entirely when arrive at your destination, and change it again to go out at night…all without lugging 3 pairs of boots along.

Express yourself creatively and keep life interesting by mixing and matching different heel styles with different BootTops… instead of being stuck with one permanent, fixed style for the life of a boot.

Change your mind about the boot style you want in the middle of getting dressed…and within a few seconds, having the exact look you want.

Wear with practically anything…skirts, pants, tights, dresses, jeans, capris or shorts.

Pack a pair of ankle boots and a few additional pairs of BootTops in 6 inches of suitcase space, giving you about 100 different boot styles to wear on your trip or vacation. Sounds crazy…but it ain’t!

Store one pair of boots in a small box that takes up about a foot of closet space and enjoy knowing you have 30 different styles waiting inside that box to come out and play!

One – 2 piece reversible boots!
Call/Text: 705-305-2465

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