Leyla Razeghi, Business Strategist

Leyla describes herself:

leyla logo“From engineering student, to corporate intern, to corporate consultant, to entrepreneur…”

Coachsulting* for Small Business Owners and CEOs that are making a positive impact and want to magnify their success

I embrace change: In 2009 I moved from El Salvador to Canada after living in Latin America for 25 years.

Culture shock? Not really! I loved Canada’s multiculturalism right away, and I worked hard to make a life for myself here.

Since then I have helped countless businesses understand their market and find their dream clients for any product or service that you can think of – From jam, to soap, to dog coats (yes, dog coats), to law firms, to clinics, to wine!


My other main area of expertise is process and task efficiency that I have applied at several small businesses and government agencies. All this experience helped me develop ‘The Dream Customer Attraction System™ ” that helps my clients attain upwards of triple growth in revenue.

It’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting ‘compelling story,’ that brought me to where I am today. I help businesses that have a clear positive impact in society and the environment and passion for what they do, so they can attain and retain more customers – All of this done with passion, empathy, and humour.

Back in 2012, I had been working in Corporate Consumer Goods and Consulting Firms for more than seven years. I enjoyed the work I got to do everyday. There was only one problem… My heart wasn’t in it.

I started to identify with entrepreneurs more and more. I wanted to work with clients that I wanted to work with, and truly commit to seeing them succeed. Plus, I’ve always truly believed that we are here to make a positive change in the world with our talents, and I wanted to be doing just that!

I always knew I wanted to be a consultant, but I thought it would be later in life, until one morning I woke up and asked myself, “Why not now?” I knew what I wanted to do, and I already had entrepreneurs that were asking me for business advice. So that day I decided put the ‘9 to 5’ cubicle life behind me. I ditched my two-hour daily commute, and I started my own business!

“Work with me” page to learn about ‘The Dream Customer Attraction System™” and my programs.


My Coachsultant practice site is live! and I’m offering a free mini e-book on how to attract your ideal customer!

What exactly is ‘The Dream Customer Attraction System™” and what does it include?

The ‘The Dream Customer Attraction System™” is designed to attract the right clients to your business. The system takes you from your PRESENT SITUATION, to your PURPOSE by building the right strategic PLAN, that’s why I also call it the 3 Ps System!


Digging deep to figure out what is currently working and what could be working better in your business.


Getting clear on who your ideal client is, what they want, and what motivates them.

Creating a business model that gets you consistent and sustainable revenue and growth.

Creating a strategic plan with goals and priorities, based on your purpose and vision.


Implementation of your plan in order to get you to fulfill your purpose and work with your dream clients faster!

Continuous support in building, revising, expanding and leveraging your results.

BONUS P: Party to celebrate! (wine, cupcakes, a visit to the spa, a happy dance…)

Contact me at me@leylarazeghi.com

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