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WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women was elated to host this dynamic and inspiring entrepreneur at our Toronto Chapter. Lori is one woman that has ‘walked the walk’ and is now available to help YOU release and renew!

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Lori Bertoni is merging the world of life coaching and fitness to provide Life and Body transformations to anyone who is struggling with weight loss and relationship issues.

All of us have limiting beliefs and negative emotions that we aren’t aware of because they are unconscious. Using the powerful tools of NLP, Lori helps people tap into their deepest values and needs so they can release their potential and discover their purpose.

Deep down inside Lori knew she had what it took to inspire and motivate people. Through a lot of personal growth and development she created Inner Motion Fitness…for the mind, body and soul. Since then she offers, coaching, empowerment workshops and women’s wellness retreats.

Lori shines her light on people to brighten their way and highlights their magnificence. Lori knows everyone has what it takes to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life in whatever stage they are at and her mission is to work with those people who are ready to make that change and take the next step and live their best life.

Lori Bertoni
Mind & Body Transformation Coach & Hypnotherapist.
705 735-6354

Email: lori@innermotionfitness.com



Lori Bertoni – Facebook

LORI BERTONI – Twitter: @LoriInnerMotion

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