Melissa Romolo, Transformation Catalyst

Melissa Romolo is the founder of Stand Out LOUD, a transformational leadership and empowerment company. As a serial entrepreneur herself, Melissa passionately works with business owners to infuse intuition into their strategic thinking and to inspire action so that they can build successful business that create meaningful impact while supporting their desired lifestyle.

After 20 years of working as a professional accountant and management consultant, Melissa hit a bump in the road. Losing her father to cancer while juggling a small family and two businesses, she suffered from severe burnout, an unfortunate condition that too many professionals face. After working with her unconscious mind by engaging with an NLP Coach, Melissa was able to find her power, passion, and balance. Determined to learn and thrive from the experience, she shifted her career focus to training, coaching and mentoring.

Melissa is a board-certified trainer of neuro linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® and Creating Your Future® processes. She offers elite leadership and empowerment trainings, teaching tools and techniques based in neuroscience that are proven to get RESULTS. Her students are eligible to receive four board designations internationally recognized in 38 countries. She also offers transformation coaching that allows a client to experience a life changing breakthrough with a written guarantee.

She is one of only a few highly trained seminar leaders authorized to teach Designing Your Destiny™ Quantum Leadership™ and Empowerment Weekend, a program synergized by board certified Master Trainer Dr. Kim Redman, PhD. This training covers some of the cutting-edge techniques in the field of quantum change and transformation based in science and has assisted thousands of people in creating what they want in their lives.

Melissa Romolo, Transformation Catalyst
Stand Out LOUD Inc.
M: (416)953-3903

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