Micca Vanvield, Women of Impact

Movement: Women of Impact

Mission: Support and inspire women to the manifestation of the future that they envision. We recognize when things aren’t working and make a decision to change it.

Vision: Form a network of women empowering women globally to enhance and develop their inner entrepreneur.

micca picThe symbol for Women of Impact is the Pheonix. Like the Pheonix we rise from our ashes to embark on greatness. We are a all uniquely remarkable in some respect and support each other into unleashing her inner Pheonix. We have realized that we have all been placed on this earth to fullfil our life’s purpose and are flexible and open to change. We understand the importance of self care and self love and how important they are in our journey to entrepreneurship.

Micca Vanvield is a true example of a Woman of Impact. Micca rose from her ashes and soared into entrepreneurship eighteen years ago to pursue her passion of being a hairstylist. Since then Micca has owned a hair salon, salon and spa and has launched a travel business focusing on romance travel and couples vacations.

Micca has always put her love for others first and has always wanted to see everyone look and feel their best from the inside and out.

Presently Micca successfully operates her travel business and also works with women that are looking to step into entrepreneurship or are presently entrepreneurs. She shows them how they can make sure that they will always be in a position to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals by unleashing their inner Pheonix.

You can learn more about Micca by visiting www.miccavanvield.com

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