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wewemichellegravadorWEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to assist our FEATURED BUSINESS – PICKERING: Michelle Gravador‘!

Michelle shares: 3 years ago, I lost my job and found myself confused in deciding having to go back to work, when I realized I was going to continue spending hours away from my daughter and working to put her in a Daycare so I could make some income to keep her in daycare. Left me very confused and didn’t make any sense to me.

During my search for a job, I was introduced to a Business Opportunity by a very good friend.

Native to the Himalayan Mountains, Moringa oleifera is nature’s “miracle tree”. It’s packed with 90+ vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits.

To ensure the highest quality possible, all of Zija’s Moringa trees are grown on proprietary farms in hot, dry climates. They are raised without chemicals, harvested carefully by hand, and then shade dried, ensuring that essential nutrients remain intact. We use all of the most beneficial parts of the tree – the leaves, the seeds and the fruit – in our unique line of products.

Over the last 50 years we have observed the widespread commoditization of food. While it is cheaper and more readily available than ever before, the low-cost manufacturing and harvesting practices used to produce food have compromised its nutritional value. For example, 100 years ago the average person consumed around 200 grams of fiber daily; today that number is closer to 15 grams. The result is a worldwide nutritional famine.

moringa-featuredThe beneficial properties of Moringa are unparalleled and highly unique. Moringa is enriched with both water and fat-soluble vitamins, it is an excellent source of the amino acids that our body craves, and it has rare phyto compounds that aid in promoting a healthier body.

Recognizing that the nutrition in Moringa is not immune to harsh harvesting and manufacturing practices, Zija has gone above and beyond industry standards to deliver the most nutritious Moringa possible. From tree to mouth, Zija scrutinizes each step to ensure that nutrition is at the forefront of all decisions in the growing, harvesting, and manufacturing processes. I will address just a few of the steps that Zija takes to ensure that the nutrition of our products is never compromised; after all, Moringa without its nutrition becomes just another plant.


It’s Your Time

“Everyone is looking for better health along with more financial and time freedom;
with Zija, you can have it all!”

Zija Mission Statement

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I am from Ajax and former Logistics co-ordinatior.

Since starting my business, I am now a stay at home MOM-PRENEUR.

3 years ago I was introduced to a Business opportunity by a very good friend. I became very excited when I saw the benefits of Moringa, the products and opportunity with Zija International, I decided to get started right away and it has been life changing ever since. It’s provided us better health and vitality, has given my family financial independence (very soon to be able to retire my husband) and provided our family the time freedom to do what we want, when we want and with who we want.

My business has expanded to over a dozen countries, earned a Free Luxury Car in few short months but the best part is, that I do my business 90% of from home with my 2 beautiful children by my side and working with an Amazing (True Vitality team) team family who share the same mission to help others Live Zija Internationals’ mantra of… Living LIFE UNLIMITED.

If you want to know how to become a part of the #naturalhealthmovement with Zija and Live LIFE UNLIMITED, and learn about our 2 Brand new Divisions of Essential Oils (AMEO) brand and our All Natural Sport & Fitness Line (RIPSTIX), let’s connect!

Michelle Elopre Gravador
Mobile: (647) 567-7468
Email: missee.mymoringa@gmail.com
Direct Link: Www.michelleelopre.myzija.com
For more in about Zija International: www.zija123.com

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