ORGANO: Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life!

Jacinta Whelan and Michelle Simpson – Change your coffee, change your life.

Jacinta at the Head of the Table

Jacinta at the Head of the Table

If you know Jacinta Whelan at all you know what a dynamo she is. As an Intuitive Life Coach and Seminar Leader, Jacinta is passionate about people. Through her seminars and coaching she works with people to tap into the deepest part of themselves, she assists them in bringing their natural gifts and talents to the surface, and empowers them to create an authentic and powerful life. It is no surprise that she is now doing this as well in her Healthy Coffee business with Organo Gold.


Jacinta was recently introduced to the healthy coffee, tea, and hot chocolate of Organo Gold and when she saw the business model she decided to join them as an independent business distributor.

Organo Gold is a Canadian company that infuses all of its beverages with Ganoderma which is an ancient Chinese mushroom that is known as the King of herbs. It has many health benefits. The company is eight years old and now has distributors and customers in 51 countries.

Jacinta realized that now she could offer people a healthier coffee and tea experience at a better price but she could also help people build a business from something that people were already consuming. Jacinta says now I enjoy a healthier and better coffee, and I get to work with people from around the world to empower them to succeed and we get to have fun doing it together.

Jacinta says, “I met Michelle Simpson through networking at WEWednesdays. She gave me a ride home one night as we live in the same neighbourhood. I few months ago I was hosting a healthy coffee tasting and info session and I invited Michelle as she lived in the neighbourhood. Michelle had tasted Organo’s healthy coffee before and when she saw the business model she came on board and joined me in the business. Michelle is the owner of Diggity Dog and Lonsome Kitty Hotel, with full grooming services in the west end of Toronto. She is passionate about holistic health and loves good coffee. She was already a fan of Organo’s coffee especially the organic king of coffee and she knew that she wanted to create an extra source of income to give her the freedom and the choices that she wants as she gets older, so consuming the Ganoderma infused coffee and teas and joining the business was a natural fit.”


We are now working together to help educate people about the health benefits of Organo’s healthier products, and are offering people a healthier, better coffee, tea, and hot chocolate experience. We are also seeking out like minded people who want to enjoy the health benefits of the products as coffee customers in our business, but also people who would love to generate an extra source of income by partnering with us and having their own international coffee business.

We are supporting and encouraging each other and we are learning and growing together. We are enjoying the health benefits and we are having a great time sharing the product and educating people about the both the product and the business. We have different skills, talents, and strengths but when we come together we all achieve more and have a lot more fun along the way. I encourage you all to come out and meet us at one of the WEWednesdays events and try some healthy coffee or tea. One or more of our team members is usually present at the meetings and we always have a supply on hand for you to taste and experience.

Visit us here as WEWednesdays! got snapd in Toronto.

To learn about more about the Organo Gold products and business go to Michelle Simpson’s coffee website HERE.

Michelle Simpson: (416) 536-4694

Jacinta Whelan: (416) 993-7395

If you have questions, want more information, or would like to try a free sample of Organo’s healthier coffee or tea please contact us. We look forward to having a cup of coffee or tea with you.


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