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WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women was elated to showcase one of our wonderful ‘male’ supporters, Mr. George Wachtel, an entrepreneur and expert in the information technology industry.

AUG 31 WEWGeorge Wachtel founded RC&C inc in 2006 after a lengthy career in the corporate world, based on a vision of helping small business owners with their information technology needs.

Understanding that a small business owner does not have the time or resources to concentrate on IT George’s goal is that RC&C is your partner offering a one stop shopping experience ranging from building websites, mobile apps and other custom software as well as attending to your hardware needs.

Moreover, RC&C inc is a company driven by strong ethics and principles which delivers quality services at an affordable price.

As an entrepreneur you should be interested in a web presence.

Here are some statistics taken in the USA in Feb of this year regarding small businesses and their web presence:

* 54% of small businesses have a website

* 24% are in the planning stages of building a website

* 12% are unlikely to build one

* 10% don’t know.

I would like to go through 16 reasons why you should be interested in building a website. At the end I will give give you also the top 2 reasons why some small businesses do not have a website.

1. Most businesses will create a brochure and likely will spend a significant amount in doing so. Your website is your on-line brochure and can be significantly less expensive and can easily be changed to align with your business. Paper brochures have a limited reach whereas there are virtually no bounds to your website’s reach. Also, if your products or services change all your paper copy is no longer relevant whereas your website can easily be updated.

2. Your competitors are on the web. Not a great idea if you aren’t.

3. By choosing your URL wisely you will have a name that is easy to remember, in fact easier than your phone number or address.

4. A website is cost effective, you know exactly how much it will cost and you can plan accordingly for it.

5. There are approximately 3.5 billion Internet users and most of them have found a company that offers the services they are looking or bought something on-line.

6. The geographic range of your business is expanded via a website. You may be thinking cross border but in reality many people will be looking for your services or your product close by, so you will expand beyond foot traffic to areas that are close by.

7. A website offers convenience. Your customers can learn about you on their time, not necessarily business hours. In fact they can and will buy your services on their time.

8. Your potential customers will want to look at your website first, before even contacting you, hence it is the first impression of your company. It is important to both have a website and one which makes a good first impression.

9. It will help you define your business goals. Each time you revisit you own website you will have an opportunity to reevaluate your goals.

10. It doesn’t cost much. You can do it yourself or you can use our starter website for less than $300 all in.

11. Your website is 24 x 7 it never shuts down.

12. It’s a great communication tool, and you can continuously update it with you company’s most recent news.

13. Marketing, there has been volumes written about digital marketing but it all starts with your basic website. This is not to take away from the power of good marketing and SEO but as they say “you got to have a ticket if you want to win” and no website equates to no ticket.

14. You can create great support for you customers by adding a ticketing system for your customers or you can add on-line chat to your site.

15. Often when you send an email your customer will look at your email address and look up your website. This cannot be done easily with Gmail of Hotmail and moreover looks unprofessional by using a Gmail or Hotmail emai address.

16. It gives you credibility. Without a website your business will definitely have a lack of credibility and you may lose customers.

The 2 most popular reasons given not to have a website are:

* A website is just not relevant to my business. It happens although I believe this is few and far between and maybe is just a mindset as opposed to reality.

* It’s too expensive, I can’t afford it.

Well, as mentioned above you can have a turnkey operation for under $300.

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