Rosa Lokaisingh, Coach/Speaker, Connecting YOU

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this truly inspiring female entrepreneur as our Mystery Speaker at our Mississauga Chapter this month.

Rosa Lokaisingh is a Networking Coach, Workshop Leader and Speaker with over 25 years experience in the corporate and not for profit sectors, helping professionals understand the value of leveraging connections and building influencer status. She is on a mission to help entrepreneurs develop quality relationships through authentic communication, having their NETWORK become their NET WORTH, and create massive social impact in business communities.

Having worked in Banking, Recruiting and Employment Consulting, she’s had the opportunity to work with several Fortune 500 companies and Business Owners, and saw a distinct need for Networking Strategies and skills to be taught to everyone.

Connecting YOU provides coaching, workshops and monthly events on ‘Effective Networking Strategies’, so that entrepreneurs and professionals can learn how to network strategically and leverage their connections, support each other, and strengthen their circles of influence, to achieve their revenue goals while building strong business communities.

Rosa also does speaking engagements at entrepreneurial conferences and events across the greater Toronto area and has been on radio talk shows and podcasts in the last year. She has always been an advocate for collaborating and growing communities so that we can all thrive and prosper together. She knows it can be done!

“Doing things right will get you the right results” (Rosa Lokaisingh)

Contact Rosa

E. for more information.

Business Contact Info:

Rosa Lokaisingh, Founder/CEO, Connecting YOU
Mobile: 416-419-2531


Facebook: @rosalokaisingh and @Connectingyoutoday

LinkedIn: Rosa Lokaisingh

Twitter: @rosalokaisingh

Events: October 12, 2018

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