Tammy Hart, Beauty and Wellness Consultant


Left the hundreds of hours of OT and the daily grind of my J.O.B behind;

Inspiring and Empowering others;

Giving Back to the community in which I live, work and play;

Stepping outside of my comfort zone;

Sharing opportunity for health and wellness;

Living my life by design;

Spending stress-free guilt-free time with my two children, my husband and myself;

Working side by side with my best friends; and Doing it in high heels!

Through Arbonne, I’m living my purpose. My Dream.

MeTammy Hart, Arbonne, Independent Consultant

Links: FACEBOOK – Tammy Hart

t. 289.892.6760
e. tammyhart.arbonneic@hotmail.com

Pure. Safe.

Benefical Swiss formulated health and beauty products

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