“The ASK”, Toronto – April 2017

Alicia Ludwig:

My ASK is: “I am seeking referrals to clients that require Wills, Legal Protection.”

Claudine Pereira:

My ASK is: ” To Help You Live Bigger!” THE PINK COACH

Carol Wright:

My ASK is: “To engage with female entrepreneurs – join me for coffee!”

Sophie Ash:

My ASK is: “Help all those with Gastrointestinal challenges.” CONTACT HERE

Lisa Bergart:

My ASK is: “I am seeking referrals for Private Fitness training clients; I offer in-home service.”

Rubiena Duarte:

My ASK is: “I am seeking clients in the Toronto area seeking Reiki Energy healing!”

Nicole Walker:

My ASK is: “Referrals to Women seeking a full portrait photography experience, with every detail to their desire!”

Hadriana Leo – Money Navigator and Certified Cash Flow Specialist:

My ASK is: “I am seeking clients to register for my 3D Money Mastery Bootcamp starting April 30.”

Ania Trica, DID BA Hons:

My ASK is:

“I am seeking referral to clients requiring Design Rendering for both residential and commercial space.”

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