Tina Jheeta, Spiritual Stylist

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase our truly intuitive and inspiring Mystery Speaker this month in Mississauga, Tina Jheeta.

Tina Jheeta is the founder of the Devi Style Revolution. She is a Spiritual Stylist who has created a high vibrational platform that helps women feel inspired, empowered and free through the art of Intuitive Mentoring.

She coaches women of all ages, using techniques derived from Angel Guidance & Healing, as well as deeply Guided Meditation to bring forth personal growth and transformation.

Her unique mentoring skills have propelled her clients forward in discovering their own spiritual style and passions, allowing them to feel confident in their womanhood!

She runs Meditation Workshops, Sisterhood Retreats and is now gearing up to launch her line of personalized Devi Malas!

Follow her for inspiring stories #devidiaries on:
Instagram: @tinajheeta
FB Page: Devi Style Revolution

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