Micca Vanvield, Women of Impact

Movement: Women of Impact

Mission: Support and inspire women to the manifestation of the future that they envision. We recognize when things aren’t working and make a decision to change it.

Vision: Form a network of women empowering women globally to enhance and develop their inner entrepreneur.

micca picThe symbol for Women of Impact is the Pheonix. Like the Pheonix we rise from our ashes to embark on greatness. We are a all uniquely remarkable in some respect and support each other into unleashing her inner Pheonix. We have realized that we have all been placed on this earth to fullfil our life’s purpose and are flexible and open to change. We understand the importance of self care and self love and how important they are in our journey to entrepreneurship.

Micca Vanvield is a true example of a Woman of Impact. Micca rose from her ashes and soared into entrepreneurship eighteen years ago to pursue her passion of being a hairstylist. Since then Micca has owned a hair salon, salon and spa and has launched a travel business focusing on romance travel and couples vacations.

Micca has always put her love for others first and has always wanted to see everyone look and feel their best from the inside and out.

Presently Micca successfully operates her travel business and also works with women that are looking to step into entrepreneurship or are presently entrepreneurs. She shows them how they can make sure that they will always be in a position to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals by unleashing their inner Pheonix.

You can learn more about Micca by visiting www.miccavanvield.com

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Medea Bavarella Chechik in Toronto, July 15

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to share the following details of Toronto’s FEATURED BUSINESS of July 15, 2015: Self-Transformation & Feminine Power Coaching! , a company with a plethora of services for those women seeking to better their business and life through the expansion of their consciousness and feminine power.

Medea-ChechikMedea Bavarella Chechik is a certified Feminine Power Coach, Transformational Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach, and a graduate of The Feminine Power Mastery and Transformative Leadership Programs.

With a 35-year background and training in Personal Transformation and Development, holding a private practice, as well as 27 years of group facilitation experience.

Medea is currently writing a book about her life and also compiling an Anthology of her Transformational Poetry.

She has been selected to be an Anchor writer, as well as, publish some of her poetry by Sibyl Magazine: For the Spirit and Soul of Woman. Medea has released three videos of her poetry and her life. She has co-hosted Liquid Lunch a talk show on ThatChannel.com TV. For the last year, Medea has created and produced her own online TV talk show called WeEvolve TV-Dialogues On Love, Transformation And Empowerment!

WeEvolve TV is an online Talk Show where awakening people come together to share their wisdom, experience and expertise.

Dear Amazing Woman, I can feel you are ready to access your true power… and fall Deeply & Fiercely In Love With Yourself…

Are you tired of settling for less than your deepest soul desires?

Ready to finally LIVE that authentic, beautiful, and love filled life?

In the 25 years of my Feminine Power Coaching business (and Transformational Psychotherapist), I get to use profound tools to help my clients, just like you, to go from struggling, unhappy, confused and disconnected to awakening to their connection to Source.

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I LOVE to see the freedom these transformations create – so I decided I want to help YOU too!

quotes-tealSo I am opening 6 spaces in my calendar for you – No Cost 30 Minute “Free Your Self Love” Session with me for 30 minutes.

…to help you shift from ego to Essence and end suffering!

I have been in the midst of a radical personal transformation. This transformation has enabled me to shift from the old paradigm of my life — the old “wounded victim” story of who I thought I was, to creating the “the new me” and experiencing the truth of myself much more clearly and deeply than ever before. It was as if my old self-identity died so that the truth at the core of my being could at last be visible, experienced and expressed. This transformation was able to take place as effectively as it did due to Feminine Power teachings.

As a Feminine Power Coach, I am, now able to share these profound teachings, skills and practices with other women.

Perhaps, you are or you know a woman who is experiencing difficulties/challenges, such as:

  • grief and loss;
  • depression and/or anxiety;
  • feelings of low self-esteem;
  • getting a sense of identity, worth, security from the outside/others;
  • self-sabotage, self-blame, self-loathing, negative inner dialogue;
  • relationship conflicts;
  • giving power away to things and other people;
  • an unsatisfying job or relationship;
  • uncertainty about desires/goals;
  • not being able to fulfill goals and dreams;
  • chronic fatigue, stomach tension, digestive issues or headaches.

This would be most benefiting to women who:

  • are ready to take responsibility for themselves and the quality of their lives;
  • are willing to invest in and commit to their own healing and transformation;
  • have an understanding that the journey of transformation and growth is an ongoing process; and
  • are open to taking an active role and partnering with me in their personal empowerment.

From this high-value session, you will take away:

  • clarity of perception and understanding and a greater awareness of how you are the creator of your own experiences;
  • the ability to utilize your life challenge(s) and difficulties as opportunities to help you heal, develop and grow wounded parts of yourself;
  • a perspective of yourself, (and others) which is based on truth instead of assumptions, interpretations and old, false thought patterns and beliefs;
  • an empowered, generative, skillful and effective relationship with your emotions: the foundation of a greater experience of what is possible for you in your life;
  • the capacity to relate from feminine qualities such as compassion, inclusiveness, connection and intuitive perception; and
  • attunement with the innate feminine energy within yourself to generate self-acceptance, self-love, joy and radiance.

These benefits are the precursors to experiencing more fulfillment and greater self-expression with your work, healthier and more balanced and satisfying personal and professional relationships, and greater physical health and energy.

Really feels good, right? Truth is – you do not have to suffer anymore.

I am going to come right out and say it… YOU are a powerful being, YOU are Light and Love!!!

Hold on and take a deep breath…

It is possible for you to discover how to connect with the Source within you…to discover which parts of you are, actually, blocking you from your own SELF-LOVE, JOY AND FREEDOM!!!

Imagine the power and the freedom when YOU make these discoveries!

I am so fired up to help people awaken to the power within them and to live their dreams…

So next step… do not think, just call and let’s talk, you know inside of you , this is your time…

Much Love & Blessings,

PS Remember I am opening only 6 spaces in my calendar for you – this is an opportunity to free your self love.

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No Cost 30 Minute Free Your Self Love Session with me for 30 minutes.

Here’s all you do to redeem your gift-email me at: medea@selftransformation.ca

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Medea’s life long quest for knowledge and wisdom which began at an early age, led her to the study and practice of the teachings of many of the world’s spiritual traditions, such as Advaita, Buddhism and Meditation, Shamanism, Goddess Spirituality, and Christian Mysticism. She is a Philosophy Graduate, certified Transformational Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Certified Transpersonal Counselor, certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, certified Danskinetics Instructor, and Peace Minister. More importantly, she is an example of the work she facilitates having emerged through some most challenging life experiences as a wise, empowered woman, who learned to love herself no matter what!

Self-Transformation is the natural process of the evolution of consciousness, both within us, and the whole of life. This is the impulse to awaken, to develop to our highest potential and to discover what we are here to experience, to create, to cause and to contribute.

It is time now for each one of us to realize the limitless possibilities available to us, and to take responsibility for the advancement and flourishing of ourselves individually, our relationship to others and life.

medea lotusThe advancement of our consciousness involves two parts: the first is the development of the relationship with our self; the second is the development of our relationship with others and for the ever present, conscious awareness/matrix of life.

It is only then that we experience the deeper truth of our self, the realization of our desires and potential, and the co-creation of a true connection with others.

We must first take responsibility to convert all the inner obstacles to our self realization: our limiting beliefs, our fears, insecurities, and our restrictive perceptions and interpretations of other’s words and actions, which have created a false self-identity. This is the old paradigm: seeing and experiencing ourselves from a victim consciousness, for example when we interpret situations through the filters of “I’m not deserving of love”, I’m not good enough”, “others reject me”, “there is something wrong with me”, etc. it distorts the way we perceive ourselves, others and the world. We are not being in the relationship from the truth of who we are but from a distorted interpretation of it.

The process of Self Transformation propels us in the birthing of a new self-awareness and creating a new self-identity. We will see and experience ourselves from the truth; be our authentic self. We will witness ourselves as the authors of our own perception, the source of our experiences, and the empowered co-creators of our relationships/partnership and our life.

I will guide you through a very powerful, cutting edge transformative teachings and practices, a 7 weeks, private Feminine Power sessions process.


Featured Business, TORONTO JUNE 10

Richelle Wheeler says about being a Female Entrepreneur:

richelle wheeler“Since I was a child, I had always felt I wanted to be an entrepreneur but I never found that one thing I was passionate about enough to give it my all. So I did what every good Canadian girl does and got a job in the corporate world. For years I bounced from one mindless job to another making just barely enough to pay the bills.

Then one day I found myself pregnant!

It was never in our “plans” but was a welcomed surprise. Within the first trimester of my pregnancy my company let me go.

I was devastated. Here I was pregnant and jobless.

To add to the devastation, my husband was let go in the same week. Who would hire a pregnant lady? I sold my car to help cut costs and the day after I did this my husband crashed his car and we lost both in a week. Fortunately my luck took a turn and through a friend, I found a job but was making just over minimum wage.

I made a vow to myself and this unborn baby, that I was going to find a business and an industry I could be excited about. Something that gave me the time freedom to be the mom I wanted and the financial rewards so that I didn’t have to worry about whether I’d be downsized or let go.

Well on maternity leave I was approached by a successful family member who I respected and told me about the Usana opportunity. I got really excited about the turn key business opportunity and the products. It was in the Health industry which I love and in the beauty industry which I specialized in as a trained and certified Aesthetician. It also appealed to me because it was a very ethical company and gave back through their foundation. As a child sponsor and advocate for third world countries I knew I could stand behind this company and be proud to be a part of it.

I knew this was the opportunity I needed to never be at the mercy of a company again. I was able to make my own destiny and take care of my family. No one could take that away from me. It was up to me. Usana gave me the ability to be independent and give my new family what they needed – stability and a mother they can look up to.

I have never looked back!

The dream of owning your own business isn’t far fetched.

In fact, it’s more easily attainable than you may think. While the cost and work required to start a business from scratch are staggering, there’s an alternative.

A better option.

USANA USANA is a way to make your business dreams come true, and it can also help you create a better life. We don’t follow a typical business model, though. We’re a direct selling company, which is a unique way of selling products person-to-person, rather than from an expensive, brick-and-mortar retail location.


Featured Business in Toronto – MAY 13


MAY 13 – Featured Business

TORONTO WEWednesdays! night was Amazing with the following female entrepreneurs sharing their WHY they chose ‘entrepreneurship’ and fun stories of experience. Connect with these women as you can trust they are going to give you the best service possible, as they are elated WEWomen.

MAY 13 – Jasmine Jauer, JAZZY CUTS

jasmine jauer profileStylist and owner of Jazzy Cutz Hair Service, Jasmine Jauer, loves creating and making her clients feel comfortable and beautiful. Jasmine was born and raised in Barrie ON Canada, where in grade 10 she took a cosmetology class and was able to find her passion. It was instinctual for her to hold a pair of shears in her hand.

After completing hair school at Georgian College, she then moved to Toronto Canada where she worked at taz hair salon, later moving to Weston Harbour Castle working solo. This gave Jasmine the confidence to start and run her own business.

Jasmine started Jazzy Cutz in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. Her main focus is to help her clients feel there very best. Jasmine loves taking courses to stay up to date with the latest hair trends. She is always up for a challenge. In home services is offered with an extra charge for farther distance.

jasmine jauer speaking may 13Jasmine has expand her business into many other forms such as offering spray tanning and teaching clients the benefits of using safe health and wellness products from Arbonne on them and there families.

Find out more about safe and healthy products HERE.

Jasmine: jasmine@jazzycutz.com
cell: 647-880-2202

Party requests available. Learn how to style hair, hair cut parties, spray tan parties, facial parties or learn the benefits of using safe products.

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Barb presidential headshotMAY 13 – BARB HOUSER, CLICK HERE
t. 5192774504

My name is Barb Houser. I’m a wife, mother of 3, entrepreneur, and believer that we will impact the world! I am so grateful to be able to work from home, and help change people’s lives, health, and financial future!

I’m just curious…..do you love your job?? I have discovered a job I love, that has become a passion!! I was a teacher who wanted to be there for my kids during their childhood, I didn’t want to miss those moments because I was at work. I started running my own home daycare to make an income, but quickly felt like I was losing myself…..I began looking for a way to generate an extra stream of income, and tried several home party companies……what I found was that my expenses were matching my income, and we ended up still having month left at the end of the money.

When my Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I realized how short life truly is, and that if we don’t have our health, everything else is futile! I was introduced to It Works Greens, and multi-level marketing! I hosted a party and saw others wrap results happen in front of my eyes, and I started researching the products and discovering how incredible they really are! They have made a world of difference for my mom, and her battle against cancer, as well as ourselves, and so many other team members and customers!

The products, and the business opportunity both sound too good to be true, but we have experienced how real it all is!! Now we are on a mission to share these incredible products and opportunity with everyone we can!!

This has changed our life, and now we are excited to help others do the same!

barb houser and hubbyThis business has allowed us to become healthier people, pay off debt, give back, etc! We were able to retire my husband Matt a year ago (before the age of 30!), and now we are a full time family with our 2 boys, and 1 year old daughter! Matt and I have earned $110,000 in GOOD (Get Out Of Debt).

BONUSES alone in the 2 years we have been with It Works, and our team has earned almost $1 MILLION!! Right now our company is offering any new Distributors a $1,000 bonus at our Ruby level (in their first 2 calendar months), and we can’t wait to help a ton of people earn it!! Would you like to check out some more info?? Please contact us! (519) 277-4504.

Business outline:
It Works! Global is a health and wellness company that is all about changing lives, health, and finances!! We are a debt free company, carrying high quality, non-GMO nutritional supplements and skin care, that benefit your body from the inside out! Our company is 51% profit sharing, and the income potential is staggering! We get to help people look better, feel better, and live longer, while providing a financial vehicle for families to pursue their dreams!

Barb Houser, Presidential Leader
It Works! Global
(519) 277-4504

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MAY 13 – Shanley Dow: Custom Treats, Sacchariferous

shanley cardShanley Dow was a Featured Business on MAY 13 excited all attendees with some of the best cupcakes anyone had ever enjoyed in the past.

WEWEdnesdays! strongly suggests that for any of your celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays, weddings et al ….that you contact Shanley first!

My Story: As a child I was always eagerly awaiting the next occasion or celebration, excited to invent a delicious dessert for my family. Now I find myself more knowledgeable and more curious than ever. I can always be found in my kitchen, whipping up something sweet! I’m not sure whether it’s a passion or an obsession; either way baking is what I love to do. I love the idea of bringing a smile to someones face with something I’ve baked, I love the ripple of happiness a sweet treat causes! I am constantly discovering making recipes and new creations, always growing and expanding my knowledge. While a recipe is somewhat important to baking, patience, mindfulness and passion are what makes the true difference!

shanley pops

My business: I’m just a girl with a passion and a knack you could say, for baking. I love all things sweet and tasty, and I love baking them even more! Everything I bake is fresh from scratch using only the finest ingredients. I offer all kinds of cakes, cake pops, cookies, pastries and other types of sweets! I pride myself in moist, flavourful cakes, and rich, sumptuous buttercreams, delicious handmade fondants, and heavenly, delicate cake pops. I always assure the utmost diligence and care in everything I bake. You can taste the difference it makes!

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Contact Shanley Dow, Sacchariferous

Phone 416-970-2880 | Email sacchariferoustreats@gmail.com

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