Andrae Ennis, Business Development Agent

Andrae Ennis was an amazing Featured Business on February 3, 2016 in Mississauga offering sincerely integral information about the auto insurance industry. Sharing the ‘devil in the details’ on auto insurance policies, Andrae awoke the audience inspiring many, many questions.

A truly educational experience – Thank You Andrae!

Business Development Agent

Allstate Company of Canada

2969 Argentia Road Unit 4 Mississauga, ON L5N 0A2

Tel: 905-607-2900 ext. 5011

Cell: 416-827-5660 E-mail:

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andrae smile pic 2I started my Insurance career in 2005 where I received my R.I.B.O. License, and have done various roles in the business i.e. Sales, marketing and Underwriting.

I am currently an independent Direct Writer who enjoys the sales part the best because I get to develop relationships and create protection that could save the client thousands in the event they were to incur a loss!

I have created a saying “Taking care of your family one policy at a time” meaning my main goal is to satisfy your needs by educating you on the benefits of what you could have and more importantly how it will work for you!

I provide home and auto insurance Products for families and individual persons

Example of the types of products I can insure:

* Auto

* Motorcycle/mopeds/snowmobiles/Boats

* Home coverage/Tenant insurance/insurance for rental units/Condo Insurance/ cottage/Trailers

* Basic Artisan (contractors, renovation tradesman, etc.)

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Benefits that will be discussed

1. The basics on how Insurance works

2. Accident Benefits and how they work for you

3. What to do before/After an accident – Being Proactive

4. Insurance Myths – i.e. the color of your car, weather it has turbo or 2 doors etc.

5. The Quoting Process- why the this is a very important part of the process

Tracy Lyttle, The Lose Weight Coffee Gal

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to introduce all our GTA readers to this wonderful female entrepreneur, our Featured Business in Pickering on NOV 18 at our Movember Night, in support of men’s health: Tracy Lyttle

Tracy shares in her own words …

image1“My name is Tracy. I am a 45 year old woman of a beautiful 9yr old girl. I have a wonderful, loving & supportive partner as well. I have lived in southern Ontario for almost 15 years having transferred south for my full time career. I grew up in northern Ontario, North Bay to be precise & still have family & friends there & love to visit.

The reason I decided to get into Javita is two-fold, one because I like & believe in the products & secondly I wanted the potential to earn extra money.

I started my business in June of 2015, and have enjoyed the challenges & experiences so far of being a business owner. I have a great up line that I can count on for support, training & guidance.”

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Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life

Millions of people already have coffee in their life, Javita gives you coffee for your life.

Gourmet Blends

javita-coffeecontentOur coffee is all natural, South American estate-grown beans.

Our tea is made from all natural leaves.

And our fruit mixers are the perfect addition to your active life.

All blended with herbs that provide impacting healthy benefits. *and don’t just take our word for it – we’ve sold 55 million-plus sticks to customers in more than 20 countries worldwide!


javita3How would you like to drink your coffee everyday for FREE? Thousands are!

When you share great-tasting Javita coffee with others you can get your coffee for free every month!

Great Results

Hear from some of our members tell you that if they can do it – you can too!

If you would like to know more, please contact me at or on my cell at 289-231-9991.

Website #1 HERE

Website #2 HERE

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Leyla Razeghi, Business Strategist

Leyla describes herself:

leyla logo“From engineering student, to corporate intern, to corporate consultant, to entrepreneur…”

Coachsulting* for Small Business Owners and CEOs that are making a positive impact and want to magnify their success

I embrace change: In 2009 I moved from El Salvador to Canada after living in Latin America for 25 years.

Culture shock? Not really! I loved Canada’s multiculturalism right away, and I worked hard to make a life for myself here.

Since then I have helped countless businesses understand their market and find their dream clients for any product or service that you can think of – From jam, to soap, to dog coats (yes, dog coats), to law firms, to clinics, to wine!


My other main area of expertise is process and task efficiency that I have applied at several small businesses and government agencies. All this experience helped me develop ‘The Dream Customer Attraction System™ ” that helps my clients attain upwards of triple growth in revenue.

It’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting ‘compelling story,’ that brought me to where I am today. I help businesses that have a clear positive impact in society and the environment and passion for what they do, so they can attain and retain more customers – All of this done with passion, empathy, and humour.

Back in 2012, I had been working in Corporate Consumer Goods and Consulting Firms for more than seven years. I enjoyed the work I got to do everyday. There was only one problem… My heart wasn’t in it.

I started to identify with entrepreneurs more and more. I wanted to work with clients that I wanted to work with, and truly commit to seeing them succeed. Plus, I’ve always truly believed that we are here to make a positive change in the world with our talents, and I wanted to be doing just that!

I always knew I wanted to be a consultant, but I thought it would be later in life, until one morning I woke up and asked myself, “Why not now?” I knew what I wanted to do, and I already had entrepreneurs that were asking me for business advice. So that day I decided put the ‘9 to 5’ cubicle life behind me. I ditched my two-hour daily commute, and I started my own business!

“Work with me” page to learn about ‘The Dream Customer Attraction System™” and my programs.


My Coachsultant practice site is live! and I’m offering a free mini e-book on how to attract your ideal customer!

What exactly is ‘The Dream Customer Attraction System™” and what does it include?

The ‘The Dream Customer Attraction System™” is designed to attract the right clients to your business. The system takes you from your PRESENT SITUATION, to your PURPOSE by building the right strategic PLAN, that’s why I also call it the 3 Ps System!


Digging deep to figure out what is currently working and what could be working better in your business.


Getting clear on who your ideal client is, what they want, and what motivates them.

Creating a business model that gets you consistent and sustainable revenue and growth.

Creating a strategic plan with goals and priorities, based on your purpose and vision.


Implementation of your plan in order to get you to fulfill your purpose and work with your dream clients faster!

Continuous support in building, revising, expanding and leveraging your results.

BONUS P: Party to celebrate! (wine, cupcakes, a visit to the spa, a happy dance…)

Contact me at

Lana Marie Clendenning, Llynda More Boot

lanaweweLana Marie Clendenning showcased a stellar presentation as Featured Business in Mississauga on Sept 09; with such a rave review also being as Mystery Speaker in Toronto on Sept 16. Lana is one of Canada’s first representatives of the Llynda More Boot company.

Llynda More Boots are one-of-a-kind boots that come in two separate parts…an ankle boot and a matching BootTop™. Two parts look and feel like one boot because they overlap and are held together by opposing magnets.

Because the BootTop™ is flexible and reversible and stays in place with a patented magnetic attachment system, there is no need for obstructive fasteners such as zippers, straps, stirrups, snaps, buttons, velcro, clasps or loops. This frees the BootTop™ to be manipulated, shaped and transformed into 30 different styles!

It can be worn inside out or upside down, cuffed at the top or bottom, made half size, made any height, scrunched, worn straight, ruffled. . .all to create a variety of beautiful, popular, classic and trendy styles!

Create a classic or professional look one day, and a sexy, funky or fun look the next day…all from the same pair of boots.

Easily manipulate the shape of a boot to flatter your unique figure.

Quickly and simply transform a boot to suit your ever-changing moods and many outfits.

easyfun-hirezWear a boot to school or work one way, change it entirely when arrive at your destination, and change it again to go out at night…all without lugging 3 pairs of boots along.

Express yourself creatively and keep life interesting by mixing and matching different heel styles with different BootTops… instead of being stuck with one permanent, fixed style for the life of a boot.

Change your mind about the boot style you want in the middle of getting dressed…and within a few seconds, having the exact look you want.

Wear with practically anything…skirts, pants, tights, dresses, jeans, capris or shorts.

Pack a pair of ankle boots and a few additional pairs of BootTops in 6 inches of suitcase space, giving you about 100 different boot styles to wear on your trip or vacation. Sounds crazy…but it ain’t!

Store one pair of boots in a small box that takes up about a foot of closet space and enjoy knowing you have 30 different styles waiting inside that box to come out and play!

One – 2 piece reversible boots!
Call/Text: 705-305-2465

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Rafiat Ahmed in Missisauga JULY 8


“My journey into entrepreneurship has been a rocky road.” Rafiat Ahmed

I have tried to start 2 businesses prior and was unsuccessful getting them off the ground. Now, I’ve come to realize that it was myself who was getting in the way! It Works gave me the confidence I needed to truly take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

Continuously developing myself, growing and leanring from my experiences has made me a better business owner and woman.

I heard a saying during our weekly team meetings that ‘You’re in business for Yourself but not by Yourself‘ and I believe nothing is more true.

We need a good support system to help build our brand and ourselves.

It Work is an amazing health and wellness company. We’re the first and only company to offer North Americans the revolutionary Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps, which tightens, tones, and firms your skin in as little as 45 minutes!

It Works believes in changing lives and helping people to lead healthier and fuller lives. We have over 30 different products from weight loss, supplements, multivitamins to improve brain and bone health, to an incredible complete skincare care for glowing healthy skin and longer, stronger hair.

For more information on any product, please visit my website.

Thank you,

Rafiat Ahmed Crown
Independent It Works Distributor!
Phone : 416-671-2488
See my Journey on Facebook: Rafiat Ahmed or Instagram: Flawlesslyme20

The Pleasure Diva, Shelly Skinner


Shelly Skinner was a gracious Featured Business sharing with the Women of our World:

shelly skinnerOver the years Shelly Skinner, The Pleasure Diva has researched how to turn good sex into great sex! Speaking to women across Ontario from 18-80 and learning from the industry greats like Sue Johansen and Suzie Johnson, Shelly knows the answer and can teach you how!

Communication is the key and knowledge is the foundation of having a healthy and happy long-term sexual relationship; with your partner or with yourself!

With Sexuality Seminars by Shelly, The Pleasure Diva, you will obtain key tools and techniques to drive your partner wild, feel confident, sexy and in charge of your inner passion diva!

Discover new ways to “woo” your mate with sexy activities that help to promote stronger desire, increase arousal and create more intensive orgasms. Become a master linguist with hot tips on sultry sex talk. Beat bedroom boredom with erotic sex games and let The Pleasure Diva help you design a bedroom boudoir with sensual accessories to bring any couple to sexual bliss!

Bringing Passion to Life — our purpose, our passion.

Passion Parties’ business opportunity, our in-home parties and most importantly, our products are designed with one very important goal in mind — to bring passion to life. After more than twenty years of helping couples find new ways to spice up their relationships, our Passion Consultants are very proud of what we have accomplished. Bringing passion to life is more than our purpose, it is our passion and guiding concept for everything we do.

Passionate Monogamy – our driving philosophy.

If you’re married or in a relationship, you know that over time you and your partner grow closer in many ways but passion sometimes takes a back seat to the daily pressures of work and family life. Does that mean that you are any less in love? Absolutely not, but your intimate life can fall into a routine. We have all heard at least one joke about sex between married couples losing some of its fun.

Passionate Monogamy

We believe that anyone in a committed, loving relationship can benefit from Passion Parties’ products. Our line of love potions, sensual accessories and adult toys open lines of communication and add an exciting new dimension of pleasure and fun. Simply talking about sex and trying something new often leads to a renewed passion that is both fulfilling and re-energizes your sex life. If you’ve ever thought that passionate monogamy might be an oxymoron, then let us show you how to reconnect with your sexy side.

Passion Parties products aren’t just for couples. In fact, we invite you to have fun and explore your sexuality. Discover what pleases you and you’ll be a sexually empowered woman ready for a fulfilling relationship when the time comes.

For more information on sexuality seminars with Shelly, The Pleasure Diva contact me today:


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**New seminar topics coming soon!**

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Business Featured in MISSISSAUGA – MAY 6

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MAY 6: itWorks!

Our Featured Business with Speaking privilege and publication this month of MAY 2015 was the Amazing Jenning Holling of itWorks! Find Jenny on Facebook.

Direct Selling News magazine, the leading publication for the direct selling industry, has ranked It Works! No. 15 on its North America 50 list and No. 31 on its sixth annual DSN Global 100, an exclusive ranking of the top revenue-generating companies in direct selling.

“I am thankful for our Loyal Customers and so proud of our team around the world for helping us earn this honor,” said Mark Pentecost, It Works! CEO. “We aren’t slowing down! My team is ready to take things to a ‘whole ‘notha level’ for 2015!” Jenny Holling, itWorks!

The DSN Global 100 is a collective effort to show the impact and potential of the $178.5 billion direct selling industry. The 2015 list, unveiled online at and featured in the June issue of Direct Selling News magazine, represents aggregate revenue of $82 billion from companies based in 14 countries.

About It Works!
It Works! is a Skin Care and Nutrition company, named for the excited reaction people have when trying our products for the first time – It Works! Our products are sold globally through our network of Independent Distributors who work as One Team with One Mission—to change lives from the inside out! Our family of distributors and loyal customers are looking great, getting out of debt, having fun, and giving back to the community.

jenny holling itWorks!

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