Annie Balgobin, Spiritual Networking

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase Annie Balgobin as our Featured Business celebrated in Pickering Chapter this August. This amazing female entrepreneur has the following to share:

Hello, I am a wife and momma of two grown boys. About three years ago, a spiritual awakening started happening to me. It was around the same time my husband had some health challenges. Healing abilities started to rise to the surface. I wanted to do more and be more. I knew deep down that there were so much more to healing than what meets the eye. I had a vision of me using my hands to do healing work and thought that it to be a massage therapist. At the time, did not know about Reiki. I also had another vision where I was doing spiritual readings for others, but did I did not believe it. This spiritual awakening led me to the work that I do now. I am an energy healer. I channel energy from a higher power for others to heal themselves. I feel this work has chosen me as it was a call from above.

I am Reiki Practitioner, Angel Tarot Card Reader and Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner. I work out of my home based in Pickering. I am truly doing what I love and what is close to my heart. My experiences of receiving Reiki Healing has been profound. I am also seeing how it is shifting my clients.

Consider Reiki

· If you’re feeling a bit disconnected

· If life feels overwhelming for you

· If you’re feeling anxious

· If you’re feeling dis-empowered

· If you’re seeking to enhance your spiritual path

Reiki is a holistic healing modality. Universal Life Force Energy is within all of us and it’s why we breathe, it’s why the blood runs through our vein, it’s why we have thoughts.

Website: Spiritual Networking
Facebook: Spiritual Networking

Instagram: spiritual.networking

Claudia Mariano, Nurse Practitioner – Skin Care

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this caring nurse practitioner who has taken the leap into the life as a female entrepreneur as our Featured Business May 2017 at our Pickering Chapter: Claudia Mariano

My biggest challenge in starting my business was my own mindset. While I believed in the company​, the products, and the integrity​ of the business model, I had to be very honest with myself about what believed about myself, my relationship with money, and how I want others to see me.

Embracing the vision I have for myself, and understanding the power of my own beliefs, have been the greatest achievements,

and I can’t wait to share them with others so they can live their best lives!

I work full-time as a Nurse Practitioner in Pickering, and am also an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Toronto Faculty of Nursing. Two years ago I wrote and edited a book about Nurse Practitioners.

In Oct 2015 I tried the Rodan+Fields skin care products, and was so impressed that three weeks later I became CEO of my own business and partnered with the doctors to share the results and the opportunity with others.

I was not looking for anything else to do, but I could not pass up the opportunity to become involved with a company that is revolutionizing how we think about business, how we live our lives, and how we treat the largest organ in our bodies, our skin.

I am proud to represent Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. These uniquely effective skincare products are designed by two of the most respected dermatologists in the country with a legacy of delivering on what they promise. I believe that using Rodan + Fields is as close as you can get to visiting a dermatologist � without an appointment.

Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields have also taught me that achieving great skin requires more than great products. While you are here make sure to check out the tips from the Doctors, experience our exclusive Solution Tool and read up on the Doctors’ seasonal skin-care recommendations.

Rodan and Fields can truly transform your skin. I have personally witnessed the difference these products have made on people’s skin and in their lives. Along with Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields I am committed to exceeding your expectations and always here to help.

Our team has grown since I first stated my business, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to help people gain confidence and live life on their terms. 

Contact info is below. 

Claudia Mariano – Website
Claudia – Facebook

Paige Shaw, Sugar Twinz Bakery

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this Future Woman Leader, entrepreneur and true inspiration for all: Ms. Paige Shaw of Sugar Twinz Bakery.

“Hey, I’m Paige Shaw the owner and founder of Sugar Twinz Bakery. I am 12 years old, in grade 7 and I’m a competitive swimmer with a great passion for baking.

I started my business when I was 9 years old with my best friend at the time.

We worked hard to create a little business and never thought that it would become something big. We had our ups and downs with our bakery and finally figured out that it would be better off for me to run the business by myself.

When I took over the business it was a lot harder but it was better for the business.

I started to donate money to Sick Kids Hospital when the business grew a little bigger. I started by donating $100 and now to this day I have donated a total of $600.

I’ve been doing this for the past 3 Christmas’s and even though it gets busy and hard to manage the business it’s definitely worth it to see my customers enjoy my baking and to be able to donate money to a great cause.

My bakery is all based around my families’ shortbread recipe. I got the recipe from my amazing Scottish Gramma. When we stated the business I wanted to make something different and special to sell so I thought of some of my Gramma’s baking. I always loved baking with my Gramma so she was thrilled to teach me how to make her amazing shortbread. Now I make shortbread with some of my own twists to make it even better.

Thank you so much Gramma for all your love and support.

The reason why I really wanted to start the bakery was because I wanted to have fun and make a little extra money. With the money that I make I have been able to pay for a part of the cost for my summer camp. I go to camp Mi-a-kon-da. It’s an amazing camp and it’s like my second home.

I love being with all the other inspiring girls and I have made friendships that will last forever. Thanks to all my amazing customers I have been able to go back year after year knowing that I worked hard to get to camp.

Thank you so much to WEWednesdays! and all the great women that I have met from going to the meetings.

I am so happy to get the opportunity to share my story with all the wonderful women entrepreneur’s that I have met so far. PHOTO: Paige with MJ Rompre, Durham City Host

I have learned so much by listen to what they did with their business and how they were able to succeed.

I really do enjoy going to these events and learning about all the other struggles and successes that other women have gone through to improve their businesses. Thanks again.

CONTACT Paige Shaw, Sugar Twinz Bakery HERE

Lorree Appleby, Radical Forgiveness Workshop

Lorree Appleby has over 20 years of client care experience in corporate, small business and consulting.

In 2013, after enduring years of stress, burn out and realizing her co-dependent relationships were sucking the life out of her, Lorree took responsibility for her life and a risk by exploring the world of entrepreneurship. After years of extensive researching, training and massive personal growth, Lorree has forgiven herself and others in her life, re-claimed her power and found her true calling, educating and guiding others to step outside of their comfort zone and do the same.

Lorree’s pursuit to live her life fully and authentically led her to acknowledging her natural healing gifts and to Radical Forgiveness. Personally trained by Colin Tipping, Founder and Director of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness, Inc., and certified as a Radical Living Master Coach, Lorree is also a Certified Assertiveness Coach and Empath. Her purpose in business and life is to have fun exploring and pursuing her passions and helping others to open their hearts to do the same with forgiveness being the first step.

Workshop Details – JANAURY 22 – REGISTER TODAY HERE:

Do you struggle with anger, resentment or bitterness trying to escape the feelings but they keep coming up again and again?

Do you have negative self-talk, feelings of self-doubt, and guilt when you do something for yourself?

Are you feeling stuck in troubled relationships you can’t seem to improve?

Do you self-sabotage your efforts feeling something is holding you back but you’re not sure what that is?

So many of us live this way most of our lives and as much as we try to improve our circumstances we stay stuck, going back to the same old patterns because it’s all we know.

Attending The ‘Magic’ of Radical Forgiveness Workshop will help you to have better relationships, resolve limiting beliefs and you can finally release those feelings of anger, resentment and bitterness because your pain will be lifted. You will start to love yourself, to let go of negative self-talk, guilt and self-doubt.

Forgive everyone in your life, including yourself, without having to dredge up your past and tell your story, all in a safe environment. It’s that easy!

Anyone can do it, it’s instantaneous, permanent and you don’t need to know who you are forgiving for it to work!

If you think this may be for you read more and register HERE.

If you have questions please contact Lorree Appleby at


Sunday January 22, 2016 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto East

2035 Kennedy Road (at 401) Easily accessible by car or TTC.

Erica Edwards, “Uplift, Empower & Motivate”

A recent arrival to Toronto from Montreal, I have brought my cosmetics business with me.

Being a Younique representative has given me life changing opportunities!

From much needed second income, to the phenomenal women I have met, to the personal growth and opportunity to help and serve my community through fundraising and education.

The company’s motto of “Uplift, Empower & Motivate” aligns with my personal beliefs. Helping other women realize and achieve their potential has given me new life! From the outstanding selection of natural based cosmetics, to the honest, straightforward compensation plan, I have loved every minute of this journey!
Being a part of the Younique family connects you with a warm supportive group of women around the world!

Being paid 3 hours after each sale allows us to deal with daily expenses and opens opportunities to build a viable, profitable business.

This is an opportunity I would love to share with you!

If you would like a private consultation, to schedule a girl’s night in or have a fundraiser that’s outside the box message me!

Visit my site to browse, purchase, join or contact me for more information.

Hailee Young, Entrepreneur Plus!

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women – Pickering Chapter is elated to showcase Hailee Young. This young female entrepreneur has risen above extreme challenges and circumstance only to rise up and shine. Her Story will move mountains, and we call upon all readers to reach out to her and support her mission.

Below in her own words, Hailee shares Her Story!

hailee“Since I was 13 I have struggled with both mental and physical health problems. I have struggled with a range of health problems from anxiety all the way to a heart problem. For as long as I can remember I have been on and off different medications, I was only 14 when I was prescribed my first narcotic… a highly addictive sedative. My body became dependent on some of these medications while other medications wreaked havoc on my mental and emotional well-being.

It didn’t take long for me to realize I needed to find alternate route to my recovery. This was the start of my journey on a holistic path. Although this path was a lot healthier for my body it was not easier. I still had to take multiple supplements throughout the day like vitamins, herbs, tea’s,etc and even though they were definitely helping my physical health there was still something missing. When you are leading a busy lifestyle taking supplements 3x a day is not an easy thing to do and although my emotional state had improved it was no where near where I had hoped.

Right around this time my Dad introduced me to multiple different products that had been recommended by a family friend and doctor of natural medicine. I fell in love with them. Firstly, I fell in love with the vitamin patches, a 24 hour slow release technology so that I could get the most out of my vitamins and while keeping things simple. Since then, my family has bought the rights to distribute them in Canada and we are currently in the process of getting them fully licensed. I am so excited to share these with everyone because of the wonders it has done for me. From the sleep patches being the only natural thing that can put me to sleep, to the B12 patches helping me with chronic fatigue, to the hangover patches helping me with… well you get the point.

I am so excited about these!

hailee-cause-kupsAlong with the patches, I fell in love with the mission behind Cause Kups. A coffee company that only hires disabled adults to package and produce their products.

Now I start my morning by giving back, simply by switching the coffee brand I was using. I won’t get into too much detail here but each product is unique in their own way: black oxygen, all natural dogs treats, candles made from reused cooking oils, blooming teas, as well as a fuel additive to clean your car and reduce CO2 emissions.

This is my way to give back to the consumer.

Finally, I big part of my story was finding a purpose. When I was dealing with my mental health problems I found myself feeling hopeless. I asked myself what is the purpose of life, is it worth living if you always feel down? Well I have found a purpose that both inspires and motivates me. My dad and I founded ShopPal together, a company that provides those unique products for consumers while giving back to our local and global community.

ShopPal has been solely based around raising money for non-profit organizations as a portion of our profits will go to different charities, churches, and non profits in Canada (and potentially around the world). Now I wake up feeling good about what I do and in turn I feel good about me. This has truly been a blessing.

We are currently looking for other entrepreneurial minded founders, 100 people in total, to help us build this company and share 30% of all our profits for the rest of your life. This is not an mlm or direct selling company, as there will only ever be 100 founders. If you are interested please email and I can go into more detail with you. Also, if you can relate to anything I’ve gone through and would like to chat or you have more questions about the products please email me. Thank you.”

spacer blue

Telephone: 905 922 3626
Toll Free: 1 866 885 2760

Lisa Smith, TSR Canada

“We are your One Stop Shop for ALL your human resources and career coaching needs, regardless if your starting your own company, career or exsisting…we have the RIGHT solutions for YOUR success.”

TSR Canada logoTSR Canada helps companies and individuals alike. We offer a wide range of services from HR services including recruitment to career coaching those looking for a new or to boost their current career, as well as some great courses to help everyone in all stages of their life and careers.

We are TSR Canada and we are a division of The Staff Room!

We just celebrated our new Durham location April 28th and in spriit of it we are offering everyone and all companies of all sizes a FREE 30 minute consultation.

Our team will listen to what your hopes and dreams are and then let you now how we can and will help YOU!

Why us?

As businesses grow, its human capital management needs become more complex, making it increasingly important to simplify and streamline human resources management processes. Juggling and trying to keep operations running smoothly is a complex and time-consuming procedure. Corporate human resources needs grow more complicated with each new employee hired. We help companies of all sizes foster happy, healthy work environments.

“TSR Canada” can provide you with a complete customized services suite designed to meet your unique requirements – that is reliable, secure, and flexible enough to grow with your business. In addition it helps lower costs, save time, streamline processes, and:

§ Provide enhanced flexibility, analytics to your human resources management.

§ Delivering a single, unified solution that includes recruiting, benefits management, analytic, and ensuring your business is compliant with changing legislation.


Our human capital management solutions can be configured to meet your specific corporate needs – nationally or internationally.

Our large business and enterprise clients enjoy the benefits of:

§ Fully configurable human resource management systems and services that deliver as promised and respond to business changing needs

§ Qualified, ongoing support with industry-leading customer service that meets clients’ high standards

§ Reliability, generating valuable business intelligence which can be used to make the best informed decisions.

We’ll work with you to find the right solution and configure it to meet all your human resources and business needs. Successfully balancing business priorities is integral to a productive workforce. You need a trusted partner who understands the growing complexity of your business, keeps your enterprise running smoothly and enables you to accomplish more with existing resources. It’s “TSR Canada”.

Vision Statement

To be a community of passionate professionals inspiring and facilitating the realization of excellence in people and organizations.

We will become the recognized leader in high quality integrated talent management solutions.

Mission Statement

We are the catalyst for sustainable talent development excellence.

Our Values

Our Services – What we do?

Lisa speakingWe believe in a caring, customer-driven approach with our entire team communicating in an atmosphere of respect and compassion.

Our Human Resources consultants combine extensive knowledge in career management with prior, hands-on business experience enabling them to provide services aligned to the realities of the marketplace.

More than 95% of the HR decisions you make have legal implications.

Get the right counsel you need to make informed decisions for yourself, your employees, and your business with “TSR Canada”.

Erin Rochon, Bookkeeping & Management

erinErin Rochon is the Founder and Owner of Harmony. As a mother of 3, and as a business owner herself, she understands the unique needs and challenges of small businesses.

In 2014, after 13 years of working in Office Management, including staff management, bookkeeping, office organization, patient care and all other administrative facets, she made the decision it was time for a change.
It was time to take control of her life. It was time to be the Mom and Wife that she wanted to be.

And this, is when Harmony was Born.

Erin wishes to ensure that owners of all small businesses and emerging enterprises are getting the most out of their time, She believes that the staff they employ should be engaged and focused on the success of the business and that she can help business owners spend time where it counts.

Erin and her team work to identify and qualify any inefficiencies that occur within the business, and spend time with the business owners to optimize their procedures, processes and daily activities, and continuously update the business owners as needed.

By responding to phone calls, text messages and emails, Erin is ahead of the curve when it comes to correspondence. She and her team prioritize customer support requests and aim to respond within 90 minutes.

With over 14 years of experience in Bookkeeping, Management and Processes, Erin and her team have developed systems to assist the owners of small businesses and emerging enterprises in delegating effectively, planning for the future and discovering the best use of their time.

Want to hear about Erin’s experience teaching english in Romania? Get in touch!


Harmony is the delicate balance found between your work and day to day obligations. When achieved it creates a stable foundation for growth in both your business and personal life.

Happiness can be achieved when that unity and balance is met in all aspects of our lives.

As business owners, most of us took on this adventure to try and have control of our schedules, and spend time with the people that mean the most to us and that support us in all our endeavours. But, we quickly realize how hard that is to achieve. The demands of running your own business can be extreme, and can often lead to 14-16 hour days and slowly the stress and time commitments begin to erode your relationships and family commitments.

Where is the joy in that?

Why do we try and get everything done when we are only one person? And by trying to get everything done, so many important yet seemingly less critical items, like bookkeeping, processes, procedures and staff management slip through the cracks.

This is how Harmony can help.

I have a client base that is multi-industry and not focused on any one area of expertise. Everything from lawyers, to restaurants, to tradesmen, to solo-preneurs. I have in-depth knowledge of QuickBooks both online and desktop version as well as PC Law which is legal field specific.

I spend my free time with family and friends, camping, hiking, playing cards, listening to music and just enjoying life.

profile-image-type-company-875805Want to create Harmony between your business and personal life? Contact us.

Michelle Elopre Gravador, Zija International

wewemichellegravadorWEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to assist our FEATURED BUSINESS – PICKERING: Michelle Gravador‘!

Michelle shares: 3 years ago, I lost my job and found myself confused in deciding having to go back to work, when I realized I was going to continue spending hours away from my daughter and working to put her in a Daycare so I could make some income to keep her in daycare. Left me very confused and didn’t make any sense to me.

During my search for a job, I was introduced to a Business Opportunity by a very good friend.

Native to the Himalayan Mountains, Moringa oleifera is nature’s “miracle tree”. It’s packed with 90+ vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits.

To ensure the highest quality possible, all of Zija’s Moringa trees are grown on proprietary farms in hot, dry climates. They are raised without chemicals, harvested carefully by hand, and then shade dried, ensuring that essential nutrients remain intact. We use all of the most beneficial parts of the tree – the leaves, the seeds and the fruit – in our unique line of products.

Over the last 50 years we have observed the widespread commoditization of food. While it is cheaper and more readily available than ever before, the low-cost manufacturing and harvesting practices used to produce food have compromised its nutritional value. For example, 100 years ago the average person consumed around 200 grams of fiber daily; today that number is closer to 15 grams. The result is a worldwide nutritional famine.

moringa-featuredThe beneficial properties of Moringa are unparalleled and highly unique. Moringa is enriched with both water and fat-soluble vitamins, it is an excellent source of the amino acids that our body craves, and it has rare phyto compounds that aid in promoting a healthier body.

Recognizing that the nutrition in Moringa is not immune to harsh harvesting and manufacturing practices, Zija has gone above and beyond industry standards to deliver the most nutritious Moringa possible. From tree to mouth, Zija scrutinizes each step to ensure that nutrition is at the forefront of all decisions in the growing, harvesting, and manufacturing processes. I will address just a few of the steps that Zija takes to ensure that the nutrition of our products is never compromised; after all, Moringa without its nutrition becomes just another plant.


It’s Your Time

“Everyone is looking for better health along with more financial and time freedom;
with Zija, you can have it all!”

Zija Mission Statement

FIND Michelle HERE

I am from Ajax and former Logistics co-ordinatior.

Since starting my business, I am now a stay at home MOM-PRENEUR.

3 years ago I was introduced to a Business opportunity by a very good friend. I became very excited when I saw the benefits of Moringa, the products and opportunity with Zija International, I decided to get started right away and it has been life changing ever since. It’s provided us better health and vitality, has given my family financial independence (very soon to be able to retire my husband) and provided our family the time freedom to do what we want, when we want and with who we want.

My business has expanded to over a dozen countries, earned a Free Luxury Car in few short months but the best part is, that I do my business 90% of from home with my 2 beautiful children by my side and working with an Amazing (True Vitality team) team family who share the same mission to help others Live Zija Internationals’ mantra of… Living LIFE UNLIMITED.

If you want to know how to become a part of the #naturalhealthmovement with Zija and Live LIFE UNLIMITED, and learn about our 2 Brand new Divisions of Essential Oils (AMEO) brand and our All Natural Sport & Fitness Line (RIPSTIX), let’s connect!

Michelle Elopre Gravador
Mobile: (647) 567-7468
Direct Link:
For more in about Zija International:

Tammy Hart, Beauty and Wellness Consultant


Left the hundreds of hours of OT and the daily grind of my J.O.B behind;

Inspiring and Empowering others;

Giving Back to the community in which I live, work and play;

Stepping outside of my comfort zone;

Sharing opportunity for health and wellness;

Living my life by design;

Spending stress-free guilt-free time with my two children, my husband and myself;

Working side by side with my best friends; and Doing it in high heels!

Through Arbonne, I’m living my purpose. My Dream.

MeTammy Hart, Arbonne, Independent Consultant

Links: FACEBOOK – Tammy Hart

t. 289.892.6760

Pure. Safe.

Benefical Swiss formulated health and beauty products