Rubiena Duarte, Reiki Master

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this amazing female entrepreneur, Rubiena Duarte who graced us as our esteemed Mystery Speaker in Toronto this April 2017.

Rubiena Duarte has over 15 years’ experience in the corporate sector working for IT Multinationals as a senior leader driving employee engagement, leading Diversity & Inclusion, empowering women and heading up community upliftment efforts. Some of her most rewarding work has been working with women in rural villages in Africa who were survivors of domestic violence.

In her roles within the corporate sector she has also lead efforts on helping women entrepreneurs emerge within South Africa. She is a writer with her first book on Realizing You Are A Superwoman coming out later this year. Her blog focuses on everyday life experiences of women and the importance of maintaining balance.

Rubiena has been a public speaker for over 16 years on several topics related to women’s empowerment, gender in the workplace, work/life balance and has facilitated Personal Renewal Groups for women across Texas and New York.

Rubiena is a qualified and internationally registered Lightarian ReikiTM Master with the Lightarian Institute, a Karuna Reiki® Master registered with The International Center for Reiki Training, an Independent Usui Reiki Master, Reiki practitioner and Reiki teacher. She has been practicing and teaching Reiki for over 8 years in South Africa, New York, Texas and recently opened her own Reiki practice in Toronto.

The goal she has as a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher is to help women start or continue the journey they are on to create more balance in their life, to find their focus and strengthen their inner energy. She will work together on your past, present and future enabling you to take control of your life and heal from the inside out.

Rubiena also has a post graduate degree in International Relations and is a member of the Canadian Reiki Association and International Association of Reiki Professionals.

Contact Information

Rubiena Duarte


phone: 416-317-4448

Address: 124 Merton Street, Unit 208, Toronto

MONIQUE KURNATH C.Ht. (aka NIKKI-MONIQUE), Transformation Specialist

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this fabulous female entrepreneur. a Transformation Specialist, that graced our Mississauga Chapter as Mystery Speaker for the month of April 2017.

MONIQUE KURNATH C.Ht. (aka NIKKI-MONIQUE): Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht.), Reiki Practitioner (Lev I, II), Transformational Speaker, Chakra Balancing & Meditation Coach, Author of upcoming books and Specialized Fitness Instructor for Adults & Children-trained/certified in PILOXING, ZUMBA, KIDS YOGA and ZUMBA KIDS/KIDS JR.

Born from a European-Canadian descent, MONIQUE KURNATH; commonly known as Monika, Nikki and Monique, is a Transformational Specialist in the Health, Wellness & Fitness Industry. She is a Solopreneur/Entrepreneur and the passionate founder of NIKKI-MONIQUE WELLNESS & FITNESS BIZ; a Wellness & Fitness business focusing on Holistic Health & Personal Development. Her mission is to encourage Transformational Growth among Women, Men and Children/Teens through Alternative Well-Fit Therapies, as they harmonize their own Mind/Body/Spirit connection and improve their overall natural health.

NIKKI-MONIQUE is the creator of POSITIVE POSSE 4 ME – a Children Wellness Program that promotes Emotional Intelligence & Positive Mindset Health for Children (2.5-6 yrs), Youth (7-11yrs) and Teens (12-16 yrs).

Through creative age-appropriated Mental/Physical/Emotional/ Spiritual fun & educational activities, the three Age Group Levels of her Program are presented in Weekly Sessions/Monthly Workshops, and held in Public & Private facilities within children communities (schools/homes/dance studios/wellness centres).

NIKKI-MONIQUE is the creator of two (2) Female Empowerment Well-Fit Programs: SING GIRL MUM ME HOOD- helping Single* Mothers (sole/separated/divorced/widowed) and MPOWHER – helping lower vibration energy women, to multi-task all the “roles” in their life. Both Female Empowerment Well-Fit Programs encourage women to develop a healthier holistic balance of Wellness & Fitness Sessions into their lives, while strengthening their positive feminine energies to live as “Sweet, Smart, Sexy & Strong” Women, Goddesses, Nurturers and Warriors too.

NIKKI-MONIQUE’s education/training background includes: diplomas and certifications from Canada (ON) and the United States of America (NH, FL, CA), including specializations such as: Early Childhood Montessori Education, Law & Security Administration, Applied Suicide Invention Skills, Early Childhood Paraprofessional, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Therapy, Advanced Crisis & Intervention, Grief & Bereavement Counseling and all Fitness/Movement Therapy areas mentioned above. She belongs to many professional organizations such as: the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE), PILOXING Instructors Association (PIA) and the ZUMBA Instructors Network (ZIN), just to name a few.

NIKKI-MONIQUE’s passions/interests spread widely both personally & professionally. She loves helping others (and herself), to transform into their own “YOURnique Daily Best”.

Her thirst and desire to bring: Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Yoga, Dance and/or PILOXING into people lives, comes from her own success with Alternative Therapies and Holistic Health. The traumas that she’s dealt with throughout the years of her life; as she’s faced many “quick-sands” filled with childhood/adulthood stress, anxiety, depression and forms of abuse, has increased her survival techniques with each failure and negative challenge she’s encountered.

NIKKI-MONIQUE’s dedication & unselfishness as a loving single mommy and sole provider for her smart & talented son, lasts over a decade. She has improved her divine feminine strength and increased her overall self-confidence, thanks to these alternatives therapies of healing and spiritual enlightenment.

She has unlocked new powerful knowledge within her and has attracted a healthier, Well-Fit mindset; for both her and her son, as it leads her now to attract unlimited success in both of their lives.

NIKKI-MONIQUE’s goal is to encourage adults & children to “Be Empowered from Within” and to “Release the FEARS in your life and Attract the FREEDOM you deserve”.

As a Public Speaker, her Transformational Speeches she presents; from small to large groups of adults and/or school-aged children, are inspiring, captivating and uplifting.

She may also include a live Chakra Balancing and/or Meditation Group Session to close softly at the end, or a high-impact live demo from one of her Dance/Fitness Movement Therapies.

No matter what, NIKKI-MONIQUE’s positive energy and out-going personality shines right through, leaving the audience/ participants feeling optimistic, loved & more transformed than once before.

For more information on any of NIKKI-MONIQUE’s Well-Fit Programs, Children Wellness Programs and/or Wellness/Fitness Individual or Group Services; or to book her to speak at your next business or school event Email:

Social Media:
Twitter: @nikkimoniquefit
INSTAGRAM: nikkimoniquekurnath
Facebook: NikkiMoniqueWellnessNFitnessBiz

Lorree Appleby, Radical Living Coach

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase Lorre Appleby, Radical Living Coach.

Lorree Appleby has over 20 years of client care specialist experience in corporate, small business and consulting. In 2013, after enduring years of stress, burn out and realizing her unhealthy relationships were sucking the life out of her, Lorree took responsibility for her life and a risk by exploring the world of entrepreneurship. With years of extensive researching, training and massive personal growth, Lorree was drawn to Radical Living. Since Lorree has radically forgiven her past and taken her power back in her present she is able to create her future by educating and guiding people to open their hearts and live their truth and purpose radically.

Lorree’s pursuit to live her life fully and authentically led Lorree to acknowledging her natural healing gifts and to Radical Forgiveness. Personally trained by Colin Tipping, Founder and Director of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness, Inc., and certified as a Radical Living Coach, Lorree is also today a Certified Assertiveness Coach an Empath and an Intuitive Light-worker. Learn more HERE.


Forgive everyone in your life including yourself else without having to tell your story. Feel lighter, calmer and more peaceful. It’s permanent. It’s easy, It’s Radical. Experience the ‘Magic’ of Radical Forgiveness Workshops.

Find out more: Magic Workshop Facebook Events

Certified Radical Living Master Coach & Assertiveness Coach
Tel: 416-283-2562

Get my free workbook and find out how you can re-write your story!

Lidija Voljanek, Nutritionist

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase Lidija, an amazing female entrepreneur as our Mystery Speaker in Mississauga this March 2017.

Lidija Voljanek Registered Holistic Nutritionist is passionate about vegan cuisine!

Lidija is holding vegan cooking classes, various workshops and presentations about Juice Plus.

She is organizer of Vegan Food Fair in Oakville and a member of monthly health seminars in a church.

Her motto is to inspire healthy leaving by one simple change at a time!

She is working in Healthy Balance Studio educating people about their health, habits and healthy food choices.

In Healthy Balance we have solution for your pain and emotional issues. Lidija’s husband is Bowen Therapist.
Bowen Therapy takes care of your pain and makes your life pain free.

A little background on Bowen therapy…

Bowen Therapy was developed in Australia by Tom Bowen (1916-1982). After years of clinical work and much reading and studying of other modalities, he developed a unique set of specific moves associated with different sequences and timing intervals. He noticed that when he made certain moves on body, it had particular effects. He always stated that the therapy was simple a ‘Gift from God’. Bowen is now practiced in more then 40 countries.​

The reason that Bowen works so well is because it addresses every system in the body. In reality the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, tendon, ligament and organ, blends into the connective tissue of another. Simply put, you cannot affect one part of the body without affecting something else.

So instead of specifically treating one area, Bowen treats the body as a whole, because the body works as a whole integrated unit. Once the muscle tissues are activated the body sends neurological impulses to the brain, which in return relax the muscles and the nerves that are not working properly.

Bowen Therapy is completely non-invasive. No needles, drugs, nor machines are required. It is safe for everyone from newborns to the elderly including expectant mother.

For more information about pain visit us HERE


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Check out some of the amazing products we have to supplement your health

Juice Plus
Try the next best thing to fruits and vegetables!

Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 25 different fruits, vegetables and grains. Everyone wants to eat right and maintain a healthier lifestyle – whether you’re a busy mom hustling to feed on-the-go children, a business traveler trying to stay fit, or an active boomer keeping up with grandkids. All of us try to eat better for good health, but a healthy diet is often a challenge. We simply don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. And that hurts our health and wellness.

Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat every day. Not a multivitamin, medicine, treatment or cure for any disease, Juice Plus+ is all-natural and made from quality ingredients carefully monitored from farm to capsule so you can enjoy improved nutrition and wellness.

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A Touch Of Nature

Lidija Voljanek
Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Certified metabolic balance Coach


Margot L. Denommé LL.B. J.D. – Author

mommy-am-i-pretty-authorsMARGOT DENOMMÉ practices law in Toronto, Ontario, where she lives with her husband Rob and two daughters. The book was inspired out of concern for the social pressures facing today’s youth, including bullying and body image pressures, particularly for young girls that contribute to insecurities and low self-esteem. The story is designed to initiate dialogue with children (of all ages) about finding true beauty from within.

About the Illustrators

MADISON and BROOKE DENOMMÉ-WARREN are high-spirited and confident young girls. Madison, 12 years old, enjoys track and field and volleyball. Brooke is 10 years old and loves acting and paddling. Both girls are passionate about art, and since creating the illustrations for Mommy, Am I Pretty? have been involved in a number of the author events and enjoy answering questions about their artwork in the book.

mommy_cover_400Young girls today are inundated daily with images that create unrealistic and often deceptive expectations of size and beauty. How does growing up in a culture obsessed with outward beauty effect this particularly impressionable and vulnerable demographic? This question amid concerns about raising her own two young daughters sparked the inspiration for her illustrated book, Mommy, Am I Pretty?

While walking home from school young Molly asks her mother what it means to be pretty. Molly’s mother guides her through her day at school, at home and in her community to uncover moments of kindness, generosity and confidence. Molly discovers that small gestures of compassion and friendship give us a loving heart and how trying our best at our favourite activity or sport makes us feel strong and beautiful on the inside. With this discovery she decides that being pretty on the inside is what matters most. Reading Mommy, Am I Pretty? with a child initiates a conversation on how being your best self, giving back to others, and being a thoughtful person is the true image of beauty and one that can’t be created through photo-shop.

The author’s own daughters, Madison and Brooke Denommé-Warren, created the whimsical and captivating illustrations that bring Molly’s day to life. Their hand-drawn and painted illustrations are the perfect complement to the simple verse, offering images of true beauty in the people and world around us from a young girl’s perspective.

MARGOT DENOMMÉ practices criminal law in Toronto, Ontario where she lives with her two daughters. As a mother she is keenly aware of the negative effects media has on growing girls, and wrote this book to encourage dialogue between parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, and young girls with a view to empower them that true beauty lies within each and every one of them. As a criminal lawyer, Margot has seen the devastating effects of low self-esteem in youth and the ever-increasing incidents of bullying. In 2014, Margot created The Celebrate You Tour to take her message to both schools and community groups to discuss the importance of developing ourselves from the inside-out by being confident, kind, strong, inclusive and unique.

The messages in Mommy, Am I Pretty? have resonated with prominent Canadian groups and organizers including, The Pediatric Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery division of the Hospital for Sick Children and The Dove Self-Esteem Fund Real Beauty Campaign. Margot has also become involved with a number of organizations in the United States including Girl’s on the Run and PACE Center for Girls.

ISBN 978-0-9920340-1-6 • 32 pages • 2015 paperback edition available in US and Canada
Contact: Margot Denommé
Tel: 416-414-2818
For more information please visit:

Zlatoslava Petrak, Triumph of Success CEO

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase as one of our Mystery Speakers, Zlatoslava Petrak, Triumph of Success CEO. This inspirational female entrepreneur has trained with the best, like Bob Proctor and more … and graced out Mississauga Chapter with many, many insightful tips to ensure Success in our Business and in our personal lives. What a great night!

Zlatoslava Petrak is an inspirational speaker, international best selling author, inspirational success mentor, entrepreneur and CEO of Triumph of Success Inc. Zlatoslava is an expert on personal potential and art of well-being, she is a master when it comes to the science of achievement.

A former teacher with a degree in Law and Global Politics, who has been studying Laws of Success, Laws of the Mind and Laws of the Universe for more than 11 year from the best mentors of the world, Zlata pecializes in helping people all over North America and the world to succeed, reach their goals and dreams, reconnect with their true core, find unconditional happiness, bliss and fulfillment and reach their true potential in all aspects of their lives and thereby live their dreams.

Her knowledge, inspiration and talent to educate, empower and uplift truly shines through her work, whether it is her best selling books, 1-on-1 mentoring, success programs, online and live workshops and seminars.

Let me Inspire, Empower and Uplift You to Success

• Real self-identity through spiritual awareness
• Connecting with your True Power
• Art of prosperity and well-being
• Science of happy, abundant and fulfilled living
• Alignment with your True Core
• Unfoldment of your True Potential
• Joyous ride to your Ultimate Destiny
• Perceiving the world through your True Standpoint

On NOV 5, 2016 YOU are invite to register for a life altering workshop! REGISTER HERE


Transform Your Habitual Inner Programming, Transform Your Results, Transform Your Life!

This seminar is designed to help you connect with your True Core & develop ABUNDANCE and SUCCESS consciousness in all aspects of your life to increase your RESULTS dramatically, achieve unimaginable SUCCESS & improve the QUALITY of your life.

This is not a positive thinking or a motivational seminar, this is a SCIENCE of achievement, as well as prosperous, fulfilled and happy living. It is a science, because there are certain and precise laws – LAWS of SUCCESS. You can become aware of them, you can master this science, and therefore become a master of your achievements, master of your inner state and master of your life.

Dive Into Enriched And Joyous Living at Art of Prosperity and Well-being Seminar: “You Are A Winner! Mastering the Secrets of Success on November 5

Here is what participants say:

“This staff is Gold! This is an extremely powerful workshop which one can benefit from over and over again… This seminar is a special retreat that energizes the heart and mind”.

Zlatoslava (Zlata) Petrak
International Best Selling Author
Inspirational Success Mentor
Triumph of Success Inc.

Lauren Millman, Marriage and Mental Health Counsellor and Parenting Expert

lauren-pic9-2015WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this amazing Mystery Speaker that shared her experience as a female Entrepreneur at our Thornhill Chapter.

What Truly is a Healthy Relationship?

Lauren Millman is a highly sought-after Toronto Marriage and Mental Health Counsellor and Parenting Expert, in private practice since 2004, helping Individuals, Couples, and Families improve their lives, and live in harmony and happiness.

The key to any successful and healthy Relationship is communicating well. Communication has many facets, like verbal language, body language and physical behaviours, how well we listen, how well we hear, our responsiveness and reactiveness, how we express our feelings, our facial expressions, and how we use space. All these aspects of Communication translate how and if we are understood, how we understand each other, and how we live socially and successfully, together.

When all these aspects of communication come together, we have healthy relationships.

Relationships take work. All of them.

Whether with your husband, wife, partner, children, in-laws, neighbours, co-workers, or boss, Communication and Behaviour run the show. Validation and Acknowledgment make us feel connected, heard, and of value. When any of these aspects of a relationship aren’t there, we feel invalidated, disconnected, lonely, frustrated, disregarded, and often bullied, imposed-upon, and disrespected.

Relationships are the Basis of Everything

In the course of any relationship, when these important connectors are missing, not only do our relationships struggle and fail to be happy and rewarding ones, but we also tend to struggle and suffer. Asking for help is the first, big step to finding-the-happy again. Strong people ask for help. When we feel weak, we ignore the signs, the triggers, and the issues, and they continue to not only exist, but they fester and often become worse. Ask for help. It’s available. You just have to want more, and better. I’m here to help you, if you’re ready, if you’ve reached your ‘I’ve-had-enough point.’ Are you there? Well, then, lets get you where you deserve.
You deserve to be happy. You do.

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Lauren is a regular Guest-Expert on The Mediation Station and Rogers TV Daytime!, Rogers’ In The Know, and SiriusXM Canada on What She Said, and is an Expert-On-Call for Social Issues for CTV. In 2014. Lauren became the Canadian Recipient of the International Women In Leadership Award from the International Association of Women in Leadership for her contributions to Women and Community.

An International Best Selling Author, and recently featured in The Toronto Star, Lauren writes for several online E-magazines including Brazenwoman, SiruisXM, PinkandBlue, and the Canadian Association for Marketing (and Business) Professionals. Read Lauren’s BLOG.

Lauren lives in Vaughan with her family and 3 dogs, and is currently writing 2 new books.


Marriage Counselling, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, Family Mediation, Parenting, Child Behaviour, Post Partum Depression, Mental & Emotional Health, Stres,s Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attack, Individual Couples Family. *Covered by some Insurers

Grief and Loss

A passing, a loss, or even the end of a relationship can be devastating. I can teach you how to get through it so it becomes more manageable and you can function.

Contact Lauren

Telephone: (416) 576-5881
Address: 1881 Steeles Avenue West, #201

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Mikeisha Paul, Financial Advisor


WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase this Amazing Female Entrepreneur, Mikeisha Paul. Sharing her inspiring story of rising above challenges and succeeding in a completely new career with a truly open heart, at our Pickering Chapter, Mikeisha had the room moved to tears of joy.

I am a recently appointed Advisor at Sun Life Financial.

After losing my job early last year I began a process of transformation in Christ, which laid the foundation as I embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship/self-employment. I took a leap of faith as I began studying for the LLQP (Life License Qualification Program) to become licensed to sell insurance products while being pregnant and have now begun an amazing career.

Embarking on a new career while balancing my role as a wife and a mom of a newborn and a 5 year old have presented it’s challenges, but it has been an amazing experience so far. I love what I do and I believe that God has placed me in a position to empower people in all walks of life to be good stewards of their money.

Money is intended to be a blessing not a curse and I am happy that the Lord has placed me in a position to be a brick on the path towards destiny fulfilled!

I give God all the glory!


I will work closely with you to fully understand your specific situation and goals. Based on your needs, I’ll help you make informed financial choices to build your savings and protect what you save against unexpected events and to prepare financially for the future.

Preparing for an appointment

The most important step in providing clear financial solutions is understanding your needs. When we meet, here’s the information we’ll need for both you and your spouse:

– Salary or income, investments and insurance amounts
– Pension and registered savings information
– Assets and debts
– Financial information for any business you own

Address: Box Grove Centre, 110 Copper Creek Drive Unit #402 Markham, Ontario L6B 0P9
Languages: English
T. 416 831-3794

Patti Smith, Creating Sacred Wealth

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to showcase Patti Smith, transformational coach destined to empower Women worldwide as our esteemed Mystery Speaker at our Barrie Chapter.

wllcPatti is a native Torontonian, and she relocated to Barrie, with her husband, Paul, in 2004. She spent over 30 years working as a Human Resources professional in both the public and private sectors, specializing in recruitment, training and development, and labour relations, and she spent another 3 years in the area of Corporate Law with firms in both Toronto and Barrie.

After her last employment contract ended in 2006, Patti decided to launch her own business and has been happily self-employed as a ‘serial’ entrepreneur ever since.

In response to the economic crisis of 2008, Patti launched MONEY BOOTCAMP SEMINARS in 2009, to teach basic financial literacy skills which help children, teens and adults learn how to spend, save and grow their money wisely.

Having worked with women from all walks of life, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, Patti is fiercely committed to empowering women to take control of their lives and create financial security, stability and independence for themselves and their families.

Patti founded AWESOME WEALTHY WOMAN INTERNATIONAL in 2012 to provide spiritual business coaching and mentorship to women entrepreneurs, change makers and thought leaders.

Balancing the pragmatic with the spiritual and metaphysical, Patti uses a unique blend of skills, tools and techniques, to help her clients break free from the past and move into action to achieve the business and life of their dreams.

Giving back is an essential part of success and AWESOME WEALTHY WOMAN INTERNATIONAL is proud to be an official business sponsor of Plan International’s ‘Because I Am A Girl’ project, which serves women and girls in 70 countries and provides them with clean water, nutritious food, medical care and literacy training (which includes including financial literacy).

In addition to the regular monthly donations, a portion of all coaching and event fees is used to purchase ‘Gifts of Hope’, which are specifically geared to the needs of women and girls around the world.

Patti offers private and group coaching, online programs, retreats, live events and she frequently speaks to business groups on a variety of topics.

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“This program – ‘Creating Sacred Wealth: A Woman’s Guide to Manifesting Money and Miracles’ – is the result of over 20 years of research, study, practical application and is the culmination of my life’s work”, says Patti.

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My passion is teaching women how to make meaningful change in their lives.

creating_sacred_wealth_250My particular focus is on working with women entrepreneurs and women who are in transition – out of a job, out of a marriage, out of an abusive relationship. Your “money mindset” is a huge part of why you are where you are right now.

I can help you identify and clear the limiting beliefs, attitudes and habits that are keeping you stuck in “not enough” and start moving you through “just enough” all the way to “Way More Than Enough!”.

I’m here to be your ally as you weed through the “yuck” and start planning for the future you really want.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing 10,000 times and expecting a different outcome.

When you retake control of your life and implement the new strategies I teach, things change quickly.

If you’re ready to stop doing the same old thing, take a stand for yourself, and commit to creating the life of your dreams, please call or email me and we’ll start working on YOUR plan.

Contact Patti

135 Bayfield Street, Suite 101
Barrie, ON L4N 3B3
705.881.1846 ~ 844.881.1846

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Hailee Young, Entrepreneur Plus!

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women – Pickering Chapter is elated to showcase Hailee Young. This young female entrepreneur has risen above extreme challenges and circumstance only to rise up and shine. Her Story will move mountains, and we call upon all readers to reach out to her and support her mission.

Below in her own words, Hailee shares Her Story!

hailee“Since I was 13 I have struggled with both mental and physical health problems. I have struggled with a range of health problems from anxiety all the way to a heart problem. For as long as I can remember I have been on and off different medications, I was only 14 when I was prescribed my first narcotic… a highly addictive sedative. My body became dependent on some of these medications while other medications wreaked havoc on my mental and emotional well-being.

It didn’t take long for me to realize I needed to find alternate route to my recovery. This was the start of my journey on a holistic path. Although this path was a lot healthier for my body it was not easier. I still had to take multiple supplements throughout the day like vitamins, herbs, tea’s,etc and even though they were definitely helping my physical health there was still something missing. When you are leading a busy lifestyle taking supplements 3x a day is not an easy thing to do and although my emotional state had improved it was no where near where I had hoped.

Right around this time my Dad introduced me to multiple different products that had been recommended by a family friend and doctor of natural medicine. I fell in love with them. Firstly, I fell in love with the vitamin patches, a 24 hour slow release technology so that I could get the most out of my vitamins and while keeping things simple. Since then, my family has bought the rights to distribute them in Canada and we are currently in the process of getting them fully licensed. I am so excited to share these with everyone because of the wonders it has done for me. From the sleep patches being the only natural thing that can put me to sleep, to the B12 patches helping me with chronic fatigue, to the hangover patches helping me with… well you get the point.

I am so excited about these!

hailee-cause-kupsAlong with the patches, I fell in love with the mission behind Cause Kups. A coffee company that only hires disabled adults to package and produce their products.

Now I start my morning by giving back, simply by switching the coffee brand I was using. I won’t get into too much detail here but each product is unique in their own way: black oxygen, all natural dogs treats, candles made from reused cooking oils, blooming teas, as well as a fuel additive to clean your car and reduce CO2 emissions.

This is my way to give back to the consumer.

Finally, I big part of my story was finding a purpose. When I was dealing with my mental health problems I found myself feeling hopeless. I asked myself what is the purpose of life, is it worth living if you always feel down? Well I have found a purpose that both inspires and motivates me. My dad and I founded ShopPal together, a company that provides those unique products for consumers while giving back to our local and global community.

ShopPal has been solely based around raising money for non-profit organizations as a portion of our profits will go to different charities, churches, and non profits in Canada (and potentially around the world). Now I wake up feeling good about what I do and in turn I feel good about me. This has truly been a blessing.

We are currently looking for other entrepreneurial minded founders, 100 people in total, to help us build this company and share 30% of all our profits for the rest of your life. This is not an mlm or direct selling company, as there will only ever be 100 founders. If you are interested please email and I can go into more detail with you. Also, if you can relate to anything I’ve gone through and would like to chat or you have more questions about the products please email me. Thank you.”

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Telephone: 905 922 3626
Toll Free: 1 866 885 2760