Zlatoslava (Zlata) Petrak, Triumph of Happiness

zlata Best-Seller-Banner-463x1024Get Inspired with Zlatoslava (Zlava) Petrak, and Live a Life Full of Happiness, Success, Bliss and Joy, our esteemed Mystery Speaker in Toronto, February 10,2016.

This life is full of beauty, happiness and miracles. It is an amazing gift. We should always remember this. Please enjoy these articles and learn techniques and ideas that will help bring more happiness, success and satisfaction into your life. Read, explore and achieve your dreams!

Unfold Your True Potential and Live Your Dreams, I Will Show You How

Clarity: Appreciate your path
Goals: Clear vision of where you are going
Self-Worth: See yourself as Who You Really Are
Awareness: Align with Laws of the Universe
Fulfillment: Connect with your True Core
Results: Byproduct of your inner state
Love, Freedom: Your natural state
Joy: Joyous expansion, growth

February 21, 2016: Powerful Live Seminar in Toronto: “You Are A Winner! Mastering the Secrets of Success”

About Zlatoslava Petrak:

“Being a very positive person, and being able to achieve anything I really wanted, as a kid I remember saying to myself, ‘I truly have everything I want. All my dreams have come true. Wow!’ Now I understand that as a child I naturally, automatically, applied the Laws of Success, Laws of the Universe and Laws of the Mind, which brought all the riches I desired to my life.” And those were not just little things that kids get, many of those things were so big that they are often called miracles by people who don’t know what stands behind it.

A little later, when my outer circumstances changed and things started to go “wrong,” when almost nothing went the way I had planned or wanted it to be, and I grew tired of feeling depressed, upset, unhappy, unsatisfied, and miserable, I started my (this time) conscious search for happiness, success, and wellbeing.

To that end, I started consciously studying what I had naturally known and applied as a child. Through this more than 10-year journey of mine, I have studied from the best of the world, have gained a lot of knowledge, expanded my awareness, mastered (this time at a conscious competence level) the Laws of Success, Laws of the Mind and Laws Universe, applied them and saw astonishing results.

Throughout my life I was in different positions: a natural achiever and manifestor; as well as a person a who allowed the outer circumstances influence me and a person who lost a lot when I “forgot” how to be successful. I was also a person who consciously studied, mastered and applied the Laws of Success, Laws of the Mind and Laws of the Universe. Throughout my life I was very poor, as well as very wealthy and rich. I was lonely and I was loved. I have been through this, I have found everything I wanted and now I know that we have the power within us to become who we want to be, who we are meant to, who we really are. And it is not about what you reach, it’s who you become. I have done it, and now I understand why, in order to show you, inspire, empower and uplift you so you can reach the goals and dreams of your heart!

Now, looking back, I know that everything has led me to my true vocation, so that I can educate others in reaching the goals and dreams and be who they really are. I now educate people all over the world so that they can help themselves achieve their highest potential in all aspects of their lives, and thereby live their dreams. My books, programs, events and workshops, seminars are here to help you recall how to succeed, triumph, thrive and be happy, be who you really are!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “There is no planet, sun, or star that could hold you, if you but knew what you are.”

Read, explore, learn and enjoy. Make your life a triumph of happiness, wealth and success!

Zlatoslava Petrak

February 21, 2016: Powerful Live Seminar in Toronto: “You Are A Winner! Mastering the Secrets of Success”

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February 21, 2016

A Powerful Live Seminar

At The Westin Prince, Toronto

One day can change everything!

This event is designed to help you connect with your True Core, master the laws of success to increase your results dramatically & develop abundance and success consciousness in all aspects of your life


Put Yourself in a Receiving Mode of the Good That You Desire

“Let me show you the easiest, powerful, resistance free way to prepare your mindset for success, wealth and wellbeing, reach any goal of your heart, unfold your infinite potential, establish a real basis for happiness, joy and triumph beyond any expectation, recall who you really are, so you can become anything you want to be, do what you love and live the life you are meant to.”

February 21, 2016: Powerful Live Seminar in Toronto: “You Are A Winner! Mastering the Secrets of Success”


“Zlatoslava Petrak’s mission is to educate people so they can reach their highest potential in all aspects of their lives and live their dreams. Zlatoslava’s program Your Infinite Riches is really powerful, as it provides great insights on the laws of the mind and laws of the Universe.”

Bob Proctor, Expert on human mind and potential.
A leader in the power of positive thinking and self motivation

Ameera Ameerullah | CEO – Lender – Broker

Ameera Ameerullah – CEO/Founder


Ameera, thank you for a truly informational session as our Mystery Speaker in Mississauga of February 3, 2016.

IMG_2780As CEO and Founder of CMFG, Ameera has more than a decade of experience in the mortgage industry.

As an accredited mortgage broker, Ameera specializes in property investments, asset management, mortgage financing and real estate development as well as financing for energy and mining projects.

Her successes include significant commercial and private projects in Canada, the US, Costa Rica, Barbados and Africa. She has arranged financing for all levels of residential real estate from modest starter homes to palatial estates.

Ameera focuses on educating her clients in investing and leveraging in real estate so they can build personal wealth and benefit from the financial freedom that results. She has a deep, personal understanding of the challenges people face in securing their financial future. Ameera has established herself as a recognized leader in the rapidly growing industry of commercial and residential lending. Her experiences in Finance, Law, Marketing and Social Services have given Ameera the broad base of professional knowledge and people skills that make her so effective in helping her clients plan and achieve financial independence.

wewefeb3Ameera (LEFT) is a strong advocate for human rights, and is committed to building a better future for vulnerable people. She is the Founder of the DavidAnn Foundation for HIV Aids & Cancer, Restore Humanity and The Homeless & Orphan Foundation of Canada. She is a proud supporter and mentor at Casey House in Toronto, North York Women’s Shelter, Covenant House, Providence Healthcare, Sick Kids Hospital and the Bowmanville Nursing Home. Ameera believes in the empowerment of children, women and the elderly, volunteering her time to work with youths in the criminal justice system, survivors of sexual and physical abuse as well as people suffering from addictions and mental illness.

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Ameera Ameerullah | CEO – Lender – Broker

2 Robert Speck Parkway, 7th Floor, Mississauga, ON, L4Z 1H8

Tel: 647-494-9885 Ext.107 | Toll Free: 1-888-501-2076 | Fax 647-494-9923

FSCO Lic# M09001854 | Brokerage Lic# 12655 | www.cmfg.ca

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Mary Rice, Barrie City Host

me headshotHello.  My name is Mary Rice. 

I was born and raised in Toronto and am a graduate of Trent University.  I first moved to Barrie in 2001, but returned to Toronto after a difficult separation.  Gratefully, I have recovered and have since returned to Barrie.  I am an independent mother of an amazing young boy who is forever keeping me on my toes and who is forever supporting me in my endeavor.

My mission and passion is to help women create happy healthy wealthy lives.  I accomplish this in a variety of ways.

For starters, I am the co-founder of WeWednesdays Women Empowering Women networking organization, serving the Greater Toronto Area as the Barrie City Host; and I consider myself a collaborator and connector.

In 2010, I started my journey of “greener living” when I was introduced to Arbonne (www.maryrice1.arbonne.ca) and have since been moving towards a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family.  I am also a believer in protecting oneself inside and out and believe we all need legal protection for ourselves, families and businesses so I have since become a member and associate of LEGALSHIELD (www.maryrice.legalshieldassociate.com)

I recently was introduced to JAVITA COFFEE COMPANY and am amazed on the health benefits and results that I have seen within my team.  JAVITA is a coffee company that offers a variety of coffee, tea and cold beverage crystals that provide optimum health.

We are changing lives, one cup at a time.

javita coffee co - CopyWho we are:  JAVITA is a company committed to enhancing the lives of millions of people by bringing together two great industries—coffee and direct selling. We are developing innovative, great-tasting coffee blends and combining them with a lucrative business model for entrepreneurs looking for financial success to help “evolutionize” the coffee industry.  We’re creating a unique line of 100% natural, instant gourmet coffees infused with herbs and other beneficial ingredients. Every great-tasting cup will not only give you what you already expect from coffee, but also provide the benefits from the natural herbs.”

JAVITA offers a great tasting Herbal Cleanse Tea to gently flush your digestive system, Lean + Green Tea for weight management, a Burn + Controlcoffee for weight loss and appetite control.  We offer an Energy + Mind coffee and FocusFusion Cocoa to give you extra energy, alertness and mental clarity.  We also offer a variety of ActiveBlendz products, which are light, refreshing and flavourful to help control you appetite, defend your overall health and improve mental clarity.

Along with a great product, there is also an amazing business opportunity with this company, especially in Simcoe Region and northward.  Contact me today to arrange a tasting or for more information on Javita’s products and how you can become an independent distributor and leader in your community.

Wishing you happiness, health and prosperity

Mary Rice




Watch here:  www.myjavita.com/share

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Jessy Morrison, Body Whisperer @ BodyTalk™

bubblewrap Postcard-FrontJessy Morrison, has had tremendous success in empowering clients in understanding the hidden phenomena that defines their health, and to regain their quality of living. She has helped hundreds of people improve their life and happiness, when doctors gave them NO HOPE of recovery at all. Her clients say “Call Jess, to Relieve Your Stress”

Your body is a miracle! Never doubt that. It may not feel like it right now, but that is temporary, that is just a thought …an idea/a story you are engaged in, and thoughts can be changed.

Have you ever noticed that when you cut a finger or twist your ankle, (or grow a baby), your body automatically does what it needs to do to begin the healing process.

This automatic self-healing is part of your body’s natural intelligence. It is your body’s “innate wisdom”. Jessy’s healings strongly endorse the principle that your body is capable of healing itself at all levels. And she empowers you to know how!

A blending of Body, Soul and Mind

Jessy’s “toolbox” includes reading Akashic Records to profile your Souls genesis and together with Karmic clearings, BodyTalk™ (the Language of Health), the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique , Ho’oponopono, The Healing Codes, as well as using Psych-K “Refreshing Beliefs”, and the insights of Quantum Biology and Physics.

Jessy empowers you to:

  • consciously and actively “reprogram” your body to reduce pain, refresh your mind and connect to your souls truth to fulfill your legacy
  • release the emotional trauma that gets trapped in your tissues and cellular memory
  • find natural ways to help your body re-balance itself

As an Energy Healer, a published author, an accomplished and beloved Reiki Teacher, and a highly intuitive & results oriented Health and Wellness Mentor, Jessy Morrison is on a mission: to help you Reclaim your Health and improve your business by Listening to Your Body Talk.

Using BodyTalk™, Reiki, EFT, and other energetic healing modalities that tap into your unconscious mind Jessy helps business professionals develop communication with their own intuition assisting them in “de-STORYing” the root cause of their dis-ease and emotional issues and refresh their health and vitality.

​ Woman to Woman TV has dubbed this original Founding Member of the Ontario BodyTalk Assoc., The Whole Life Learning Collective, and contributing author to “The Joy of an Ex”, Women with Vision Magazine, and Another View Magazine, as “the Body Whisperer”.

Learning to listen to our Body Talk is the secret of how we can Refresh our Mind, Reclaim our Body, and Renew our Spirit with Absolute Being Clarity.

If your body is talking you with these sensations and symptoms:

Allergies, Angina, Anxiety
Pain, Inflammation
Fatigue, Fibromyalgia
Headaches, Concussions, Migraines
High Blood Pressure
Menopause, Menstrual difficulties, PMS
PSTD, Traumatic Events, Fears or Phobias
Limiting beliefs and dis-empowering “I can’t…” statements holding you back
Or just not feeling 100% YOU

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Then it’s time to let Your Body Talk with Jessy today

e. relief@jessymorrison.ca

Call: 705-241-8680

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Victoria Lorient-Faibish MEd, RP, CCC, BCPP, RPE, Holistic Psychotherapist

Striped super croppedVictoria Lorient-Faibish MEd, as a registered psychotherapist, keynote speaker, author, holistic psychotherapist, relationship expert and life and wellness coach with a busy practice in Toronto, Victoria has been inspiring people to find their self-cultures, rewire their relationship-cultures, step into their personal power, speak more authentically and fully embrace their life purposes since 1990. She feels honored and humbled to do the work she does.

She has studied and practiced Eastern philosophy modalities for over eight years, and she has a master’s degree in educational psychology to round out her experience and knowledge. She is a registered member of the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario, a certified member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and a board-certified polarity therapy practitioner and teacher as well as a reiki master and a practitioner of New Decision Therapy.

You are doomed to repeat old patterns from your family-culture and unconsciously foist them onto the next generation if you do nothing about them. Left un-analyzed, the negative patterns of your family of origin will damage your future relationship-culture—the way your emotions play out and how you behave in your relationships, and how your relationships evolve.

Rewiring your relationship-culture involves understanding that your brain forms new neural pathways every time you develop a new way of doing something, especially if you practice the new behavior often. It’s nature’s way of supporting us when we try to make positive changes.

By rewiring your relationship-culture, you will be able to –

  • Move past multi-generational dysfunction
  • Know and honor yourself fully
  • Understand the rules for dating in a healthy and empowering way
  • Spot relationship dysfunction from the start, such as codependency, narcissism and commitment phobia
  • Set good boundaries for yourself
  • Understand the keys to healthy relationships using a pre-marital checklist

Learn the fundamentals for having long-term passionate relationships!

Combined 2Connecting: Rewire Your Relationship Culture is about becoming aware of what is not working with regard to what you inherited from your family-culture so that you can create a new, fully unique, personalized, choice-filled, healthy, mindful relationship-culture that you completely and consciously bring into your adult relationships!


PRE-ODER NEW BOOK: Connecting: Rewire Your Relationship-Culture HERE

Victoria Lorient-Faibish MEd, RP, CCC, BCPP, RPE
Registered Psychotherapist
Relationship Expert
Holistic Psychotherapist
Masters in Educational Psychology
Canadian Certified Counsellor
Board Certified Polarity Practitioner
Registered Polarity Educator


VICTORIA: My Main Website
VICTORIA: My book website!!!
My Meditation album on iTunes
VICTORIA: My Video Blog


Tiffenni Wilkinson, Health and Wellness Consultant

Dream big and don’t be afraid to take control of your destiny!

tiffeniBorn in Peterborough and raised in the very small village of Hastings, Ontario I always dreamed of one day living successfully in the big city, travelling, meeting wonderful people and having a successful career! Now after a nearly 20 year adventure I am really starting to feel like it’s all just about to truly begin!

Accepted in to the prestigious Humber College Jazz Performance Program at the age of 19 I finally had the opportunity to move to Toronto! During my time at Humber I secured part-time work to support my big city Student life – quickly moving through several capacities and ranks I found myself supervising teams of up to 80 operations staff at one of Toronto’s top tourist attractions. I was fortunate to graduate from Humber College with full honors in my 3 year program, immediately following I began taking night classes in Arts Administration and Cultural Management while moving into a full-time position with another major attraction supervising large front-line operations teams and in 2005 made a lateral move into Sales & Marketing. Managing 5 tourism markets driving volume attendance and in revenue as a Senior Group Sales Representative.

I truly am in a great place in my tourism career but it doesn’t come without challenges. In late 2014 we were warned of labor action with a vote to strike if our contract wasn’t ratified – very concerning as there would be no surviving should I lose my full-time salary – I was at risk of losing everything. I remember feeling so frightened, stressed and vulnerable. After the initial few weeks of ongoing uneasiness and anxiety I started to think about what I could do to start preparing myself, what could I do to take control, and how I could make sure that regardless of a happens I am going to be OK. In that process I felt determined to NEVER let myself get into a situation where I don’t have a plan ‘B’. I began working with a Direct Sales company and though this experience was extremely valuable from a personal development perspective; it wasn’t the income support I was hoping for in my plan ‘B’.

It was during this time my business mentor Milena reached out to tell me more about Arbonne. Arbonne – a company with the founding principal and unwavering commitment to offer pure, safe, and beneficial personal care and wellness products to families around the globe. Arbonne combines superior, botanically based products with a generous compensation plan, exceptional support, training and committed leadership to create the perfect business opportunity! The chance to be business for yourself, not by yourself. Somehow Milena knew exactly what I was looking for.… the conversation with Milena was quite timely; not only from a business perspective but I had also started my own personal research into learning more about safer products for my family, and for the environment, which intensified after watching a documentary that focused on chemical commerce in personal care products in North America. No question the Arbonne opportunity was definitely for me. I jumped right in!

I have a strong desire for so much more in life – the desire to have freedom and to have choices. I have a dream to take control of my destiny. I have a drive to take my leadership, knowledge and skills and direct it into my own business. I am excited and passionate about what I am doing and I want to share that excitement and passion as far reaching as possible! I want to help others be able to do the same for themselves.

I am inspired by Arbonne, passionate about the products, and excited about my business!

Tiffenni Wilkinson, Arbonne Independent Consultant

E: wilkinsonarbonne@gmail.com
P: 416.521.9923
W: www.tiffenniwilkinson.arbonne.com
FB: www.Facebook.com/ArbonnebyTiffenniWilkinson

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ARBONNE AdeleA little about Arbonne: Inspired by nature, enhanced by science, Arbonne creates amazing, botanically based products that are pure, safe and beneficial. Over 450 products including Skin Care, Bath & Body, Makeup, Nutrition, Hair, Sun products. This s a phenomenal company with amazing products and a tremendous business independent opportunity for men and WOMEN!

At Arbonne, beauty begins with premium botanical ingredients, innovative scientific discovery, and an unwavering commitment to pure, safe and beneficial products. Arbonne creates personal care and wellness products that preserve and enhance the skin, body and mind for an integrative approach to beauty. Working closely with scientists around the world and our Arbonne Research and Development Laboratories facility in Irvine, California explore and develop scientifically advanced, botanically based proprietary formulas that meet our exacting standards for quality, safety and sustainability. Arbonne personal care products are formulated without: Animal products or animal by-products Parabens Formaldehyde-donating preservatives The following petroleum-based ingredients: Benzene Mineral Oil Petrolatum Phthalates Toluene PABA Arbonne nutrition and weight loss products are formulated without: Artificial colors Artificial flavors Artificial sweeteners Animal products* Animal by-products* Cholesterol Saturated fats Trans fats

Alan Thrasher, Muscle Activation Specialist

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women was elated to host this Amazing Mystery Speaker in Toronto for our Movember night. Alan Thrasher held the audience with a gripping interest, and even got a volunteer up from their seat to share examples of how his expertise works as a Certified Muscle Activation Specialist. A Great talk! Thanks Alan.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete, physically challenged or just experiencing annoying pain, Alan Thrasher can support your muscles with Muscle Activation Therapy.

alan1Born with Cerebral Palsy, Alan was not supposed to live or even walk. When he learned to walk by observing body movement, they said he would never ride a bike. Years later, he represented Canada at the World Championships and Barcelona Para-Olympics. Alan has traveled internationally continuing his studies of Biomechanics and Nutrition.

Alan is dedicated to teaching and transforming healthcare.

Today with a diploma in Fitness and Leisure Management and one of the few certified Muscle Activation Specialists in the world, Alan is dedicated to teaching and transforming healthcare. As a result of his journey, Alan is now writing a book, Diseases: The Body’s Answer to Bad Habits, which will revolutionize the health industry.

Thrasher-AlanOur mission is to create and provide programs, services, and paradigms that make health simple and accessible to all. We are committed to supporting and standing for individuals achieving health transformations.

We are committed that in their lifetime, all human beings get present to the miracles that they are and the miracles they can produce. CONTACT US TODAY

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There is a saying by Novelist Marcel Proust,

“The voyage of discovery is not seeking new landscapes but having new eyes.”

Transformation begins with looking at health and health care in a whole new way. Through new eyes as Marcel Proust would suggest. If we want new results we have to take new action. By new I mean never done. We have to alter the way our health is occurring to us and how health care and diseases occur to us. The view one takes dictates their actions, thoughts feelings and even their experiences in life.

Just imagine a world where people are free to live their lives fully regardless of their health situation. Imagine a health care system where traditional medicine, alternative medicine and patients all took 100% responsibility for the quality of life lived vs the absence of disease.

What a world that would be! I challenge conventional thought processes which will bring about a permanent shift in your health and health care.

Call me if you are up for the challenge.

Alan Thrasher

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Every session I have with Alan is a discovery into myself and how I can eliminate pain in my body. I have learned more working with Alan over the last 6 months than I have from any course I have ever taken involving health and fitness.” Nathan Poch, Personal Trainer, Toronto, Ontario

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John Haremza, Right Or Almost Right

WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women is elated to share the following words of our esteemed business Mystery Speaker in Toronto this November as WEWomen celebrated our “Supporting Men’s Health Month”.

“I attribute my success to the Small Steps to the TOP philosophy. Everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, counts.” ~John Haremza

johnharemzaJohn Haremza is a network marketing veteran with 25 years in the business and earnings in excess of $14 million. He has averaged over $1 million a year for the last 10 years. But his all-time proudest accomplishment has been leading his people to earnings of over $250 million and changing countless lives.

John’s story is a true American rags-to-riches tale, with his going from the humblest of beginnings in Perham, Minnesota, to a world-class network marketing leader. His message is simple: “If I can do it with my challenges and background, then you can do it.” He is living proof that you can be successful in this business regardless of your education, background, or finances.

John has an uncanny ability to communicate the fundamentals, philosophies, and principles of success so that they’re easy to understand and implement. He has been referred to by many of his peers as the “Jim Rohn of network marketing.”

Prior to being introduced to network marketing, John worked as a maintenance manager in a small potato chip factory. He had never sold anything in his life and had no business experience. He also had dyslexia, a severe learning

disability. Back then, he had one objective—to be invisible. He felt fortunate to get a high school diploma.

John has been featured in multiple publications, such as Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Networkers, Network Marketing Times, and Your Business at Home Magazine (on the cover). He has also been named one of the top twenty-one marketing leaders in the world in John Milton Fogg’s recent book, The Greatest Networkers in the World.

John’s leadership has transformed countless lives. He has friends and business associates around the world, and his wisdom will help you make your dream into reality. Network marketing is an amazing industry with wonderful products and incredible opportunities. As John says, “Network marketing changed my life in ways that were far beyond my imagination.”


Can what happened for me happen for you? Absolutely!

People look at me now and assume it was easy but back then I had no sales experience and no business knowledge. I did not even understand recruiting. I started my career going door-to-door in winter, a few days before Christmas, selling water filters. These filters were sold using the “puppy dog approach”. We would leave the filter with someone for a week and they would not want to give it up. (At least that’s how it was supposed to work.) I placed 3 filters my first week. I went back the following week to check on the filter and my older brother came with me for moral support. I sold one of the three I had placed which netted me a $59 profit. I looked at my by brother and said “we are going to be rich”. He wanted in and I told him “ok but we need to make a pact between us that no one else is to know about it”.

I thought why would I want to create my own competition by having other people selling it? I did not understand the network marketing concept of recruiting others or the idea of leverage. All I could see back then was the idea of buying a filter for $120, selling it for $179 and putting $59 in my pocket.

I struggled trying to sell filters for several months. Then I attended an event which opened my eyes to the concept of recruiting and leverage. I got it!

After 6 months I was able to quit my maintenance job and go full time. I spent four incredible eye opening years with that company. I earned $400,000 and my life and paradigm changed forever. I learned the fundamentals but most important I learned about timing and consumable products.

john3I made a move to a younger company with consumable products. I spent the next twelve years there and earned $4,000,000. I had arrived! I was one of the top leaders in the company.

Then I was given the opportunity to be the master distributor with a start-up company. It was incredibly risky but I took a leap of faith, resigned from the company and started over. Call it wisdom, luck or good fortune. Although it was not easy and the first few years were a struggle, I’ve now earned over $9,000,000 with that company. I’m not involved on a day-to-day basis with that company but I still enjoy a mid-six figure residual income.

And today I find myself a part of what will prove to be the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I am living proof that network marketing can change your life beyond your wildest imagination. With focus, consistency and faith what happened for me can happen for you.

Do You Want Phenomenal Success?

Right or Almost Right is based on John Haremza’s 25 years of success in network Marketing

It’s John’s answer to the questions so many ask such as,

“Where’s the money?

IMG_9050Why am I not seeing the success I expected?”

As John says, “I meet so many intelligent, hard-working, dedicated network marketers who are struggling. They are not seeing the results they expected, and they always ask, “Why?”

John believes that the small subtleties of how the network marketing business is done make the big difference between making a little money versus making a lot of money, between success and struggling.

He addresses many of the basics of doing “the business,” from prospecting to leading your organization, and points out what is “right” as compared to what is “almost right.” John has lived every example contained in his book.

“Network marketing changed my life beyond my wildest imagination,” says John.

His story is amazing, from living in a trailer park to a well-known network marketing leader. And his story can help you to make your dreams come true too!

You can use three words to answer every objection you ever will get.

The biggest mistakes made. How you can avoid them.

Want to know more? Take 1 minute and watch this video.



John Haremza | LinkedIn

John Haremza (@JohnHaremza) | Twitter

Dortmund Matioli, The Peaceful Healer

dortmundWEWednesdays! thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful sharing by our Mystery Speaker, Mr. Dortmund Matioli during our “Supporting Mens’ Health Month”, celebrating the work of the Movember Foundation.

The room was inspired by his enlightening talk sharing many different techniques of self awareness.

These tools described are tips that any and all entrepreneurs seriously should use. Through the development of one’s own intuition, Dortmund educated all as to how our actual decision making processes change. With taking only minutes per day, you can grow you business into a success that you never imagined.

Below is how Dortmund describes himself.

“My name is Dortmund Mattioli and I am a Reiki Master. This means that I am trained to provide a type of energy healing called Reiki. Reiki can be used to help heal you on many levels including physically, emotionally and even spiritually. It always promotes feelings of relaxation and peacefulness.

I am also a Conscious Channeller which means that I allow high level, loving spiritual beings and angels to speak directly to you, through me and I remain conscious or aware during the process. They provide you with spiritual wisdom, messages and guidance to help teach, guide, heal and help you with your challenges, problems or spiritual awakening.

I have been on my spiritual journey for many years and have always had a natural affinity for helping others. My general life purpose is to help and heal people for their highest good. I have learned a lot of lessons the hard way, through trial and error. Eventually, I started learning to listen to and follow my intuition, to help guide me through life. Whenever I followed my intuition, things happened easier and they felt “right”.

We are all on our own personal journeys, being busy juggling daily responsibilities, work, family, friends and striving for things that we want or need. We generally search for happiness and fulfillment in things outside of ourselves in things like material possessions, relationships etc. We may tend to ignore our “inner voice” or gut feelings regarding people, situations, what to do or where to go.

compass1Listening to, trusting and following your intuition is the best way to find more happiness, meaning and fulfillment in your life. You may start to notice more “coincidences” in your life, have unusual experiences or be drawn to certain people, places or things and you may start to wonder about these events. You may begin looking for meaning or answers regarding these new feelings, experiences or events and I suggest that you look towards spiritual topics for understanding.

I believe that there are and will continue to be more and more people who will be going through these types of experiences, as they go through various changes, becoming more spiritually aware. This is all apart of your personal and spiritual journey, as you learn important life lessons and become aware of your inner wisdom. There is a shift and expansion of human consciousness occurring now that is raising the awareness of more and more people to their life purpose, so that we may unite together to change and improve our world for the better!

We often cannot “see the forest for the trees” but as you climb higher up the mountain, you get a better view and can see the forest or the bigger picture more easily. Similarly, as we become more spiritually aware, we gain different perspective and understanding of life. We are all on the same journey, just taking different paths. So, I believe that we are all here to help each other and work harmoniously together, to improve the world we live in. Life is like one big jig saw puzzle and we are each one piece of the puzzle or big picture. So, we each need to do our part. ” Dortmund Mattioli

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Telephone: 905-746-2168

E -mail: dortmund@cogeco.ca

Ange Kanavas, Restauranteur

angeAnge Kanavas Born (July 17) in a small town of Volos Greece, she was a young teen when her family immigrated to Canada escaping political challenges and oppression. From an early age, Ange realized her gifts of intuition and medical insight. Her passion was to be a doctor; was intrigued with astronomy and the study of the Universe. She studied aspects of cyber technology and systems. She learned about energy and crystals. She worked with her family while studying the alternative, nutrition and naturopathy, always asking, what is next.

Her family was in the restaurant business and in 1994 Ange became the passionate owner/ operator of La Maquette Restaurant; a French Restaurant, within a historically designated building, in the heart of downtown Toronto. Numerous accreditations and Awards for best Ambiance, best Food, best Service and most Romantic Restaurant in the city, have been creating the memorable Experiences that make most come back, and call La Maquette Home!

Most know that Ange is an advocate of Healthy eating. Working closely with her culinary team, each morning, you will find her at the Ontario Food Terminal buying all fresh organic baby lettuces, organic vegetables, aromatic herbs and sweet juicy fruits, from local farmers and other importers. Always at the forefront of gastronomic trends, La Maquette is celebrating 30 Years in business and 18 with Ange on the helm; a milestone of creativity and passion.

She is also the founder of her other business AESTHETIC SOLUTIONS Canada, the exclusive distributor of a world leader in medical aesthetics, STARBENE Argentina. Not to mention “the SPA!” It would be beneficial to receive an energy healing from Ange via reflexology or other treatments including energy alignment through the Diamond Matrix.

Ange Kanavas is an intuitive healer, assisting people daily. Her vision is to bring an awakening in all areas of life and a deeper level of understanding in the Human experience. She is working with her meditation/study group to enhance her Spiritual journey to Enlightenment and invites others that would like to join her. The study group meets twice weekly. You are invited to join.

Ange constantly organizes events to raise funds for women’s shelters, “the brain child” at Toronto’s Sick kids, supporting hospitals that research the fight against breast cancer, assisting children in Kingston Jamaica and here, in our own community.

Ange Kanavas is a spiritual being assisting Gaia and Humanity on our journey home.

VISIT Ange anytime at 111 King St. East, Toronto, Canada
t. 416 366 – 8191

VISIT LaMaquette Restaurant in Toronto

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