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Toronto Chapter at WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women was elated to showcase a very special male Mystery Speaker. Mr. Wayne Halyn, creator of Grilchys, offering a new business opportunity for any entrepreneur that is seeking a lifestyle that will allow them to Build a Business with reasonable up front costs, portable application, work own hours and more …

wayne 2What happens when curiosity, experimentation, and a drive to make delicious sandwiches all happen about the same time? What can happen is an opportunity to make some amazingly tasty hot grilled cheese sandwiches and a resultant business opportunity. Let me tell you how it happened…

Some time in 2007, I was making some grilled cheese sandwiches for friends, when I thought of adding a few spices to the recipe and see what happened.

The result was a series of compliments saying these were the most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches they’d ever eaten. And a progressive, detailed process was born.

The Grilchy’s website was opened in 2008, a simple one answering some questions people had about the Grilchy’s process and brand, showing the concept and where it was headed.

Over the next seven-plus years, in spare time, the original spice recipe was carefully tweaked, modified, and tested frequently, eventually bringing it to TWELVE tasty and complementary ingredients. And during that time, three more flavour-accents were developed to taste like some other famously delicious well-known treats: tacos, pizza and a spicy piquant taste for the adventurous.

Wayne in cart 01(s)During this time we were also reviewing the business models that hot-dog and hamburger vendors were using… portable carts or food trucks that served the public right at the road, in high-traffic areas in the city. These “street meat” vendors had certain restrictions, such as never being able to vend at indoor locations, because their carts used propane gas. But the idea of providing an appetizing grilled snack/meal for a reasonable price in popular locations anywhere (indoors or out) never left me, and in early 2016 I developed the first cart and process that systematized and solidified the Grilchy’s taste experience.

And as it all came together into a proven, working and documented system, I began to hear inquiries from people who said that when the process was complete, they’d be interested in hearing if they could acquire a franchise of this product.

All of these things became involved in the launch this year of the Grilchy’s Grilled Cheese Canadian-Style Hot Sandwiches venture. Our final leg of research is demonstrating the concept in a number of busy venues and testing the popularity of it in locations throughout the region. Grilchy’s is in that proverbial and exciting “start-up” phase right now, working with people who also see value and potential in the long-term business model… entrepreneurially-minded people who can be part of the venture right from the beginning, and help influence the direction the business will evolve in.

It all starts with a straightforward model that can develop in the right directions, but holding onto the core vision that guides what we do…

“Grilchy’s. Doing one thing… deliciously.”


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